40 thousand people in Vietnam watched Germany-Japan, but it was FIFA 23 – Multiplayer.it

The match between Germany and Japan to the Qatar 2022 World Cup has excited millions of people, but not in all countries the event is broadcast for free and so it happened that further 40 thousand people in Vietnam they found themselves following the match live on YouTube, without knowing that it was actually a video of fifa 23.

Basically a joker, let’s call him that, sent a match of FIFA 23 with real times, using the teams of Germany and Japan against the backdrop of the World Cup, introduced with the World Cup mode, and commented on it live, thus attracting tens of thousands of spectators.

Monetizing the video will probably have allowed the author to earn some money, as part of what appears to all intents and purposes more like a he cons that as an overly elaborate joke.

A Vietnamese uploader wanted to warn against such situations, which could repeat themselves in the future, inviting people to pay attention to details that could betray the true nature of the broadcasts.

Of course, from the point of view of gamers, this episode, albeit regrettable, only confirms the visual realism of the Electronic Arts football simulator, which has now reached extraordinary levels … to the point of deceiving people.

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