5 Big Changes Expected to Come to GTA 6

GTA 6 is one of the most anticipated games from Rockstar Games, so fans have high expectations. However, with games like Red Dead Redemption 2 and Grand Theft Auto V coming out, developers have to look beyond them to stand out. Rumors and leaks surrounding Grand Theft Auto 6 indicate that the studio is going all-out on the upcoming game.

Rockstar Games mentioned that they plan to set a new benchmark in the gaming industry with the upcoming GTA 6. That said, there could be some big changes coming to the game.

This article will explore these possibilities and explain why they should be part of the upcoming game.

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Note: This article is highly subjective and only reflects the author’s views.

5 changes Rockstar Games should bring to GTA 6

1) Robbery/Robbery

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Heists and heists are an integral part of the Grand Theft Auto series. GTA 5 goes a step further, expanding on these missions and adding multiple levels/missions to provide a sense of realism.

Leaks and rumors suggest that Rockstar Games may flesh out this feature in GTA 6, allowing players to take hostages and create scenarios that aren’t bound by timers or linear paths.

Additionally, the police response to robberies and robberies may also be overhauled, with police not simply showing up outside a building or starting to rush into it to die at the hands of the protagonist.

2) More weapon and vehicle customization options

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Rockstar Games has made great strides in vehicle customization. “Grand Theft Auto V” provides a variety of such upgrades, and players can change the tires, roof, paint, etc. of the vehicle. It’s still limited, though, and fans are hoping for more freedom.

On the other hand, weapon customization options in the series are very limited. With developers introducing gun upgrades and customization in RDR2, players are hoping to see something similar in GTA 6. It would be amazing to swap parts between weapons and create something truly customized.

These two are some of the highly sought-after features that GTA 6 must include. It also makes the title feel more realistic and non-linear.

3) Carrying capacity

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It’s frustrating when one wants to carry more bombs but can’t because the inventory can only hold a fixed amount of explosives. This could lead to Rockstar Games overhauling carry functionality, allowing players to manage their inventory and arsenal.

This will be useful as they can stock their arsenal with specific equipment to make certain tasks easier. Currently, there is a fixed amount of items a character can carry before the player needs to unload or swap for other items.

There are also rumors that a “loot bag” will carry all the valuables stolen during the heist. These can be separate projects specific to this type of task.

4) Overhaul of wanted system

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Police chases and the “Wanted” star system have long been part of the Grand Theft Auto series. However, the developers have yet to make major changes to the system. While they’ve implemented some unique features into GTA Chinatown Wars, it’s still generally underwhelming.

However, one of the leaks showed an intense police chase in which the AI ​​performed incredibly well and realistically. The strategy and coordination particularly attracted the attention of fans.

Additionally, there are rumors that police will be able to tag characters’ cars and simply changing the paint job won’t remove them. Therefore, if the police suspect these players, the pursuit may restart.

5) Add multiple modes of transportation

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Traversing the map to reach mission markers or simply changing scenery requires the player to manually drive the vehicle. While some GTA entries have safehouse/teleport markers, the process is uninviting.

However, the GTA 6 leak did show the protagonists leaving the subway. Fans believe the developers may add various travel options, such as taking a plane or subway to reach different parts of the map.

This will be very helpful and create a different way for players to enjoy the game. In previous games, traveling was sometimes a chore, and this feature will mark a big shift.

Among them, “Grand Theft Auto 6” can borrow some functions from “San Andreas” and further enhance them.

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