5 disastrous celebs tryouts

One piece of advice Tom Hiddleston would like to give everyone is not to show up on hangover to an audition. His was the one for i Pirates of the Caribbean – for the role that would later become Orlando Bloom – and he got there practically still drunk from the night before. He did not remember any of the lines in the script, even the few that he had managed to memorize having received it only the day before.


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In place of Dakota Johnson for 50 shades of Grey there should have been Lucy Hale. In her case, she knew all the lines needed for the audition by heart, but she played them so badly that she was never called back.. «Honestly – she told some time later – while I was there and I was reciting my monologue I had no idea what I was doing. I am not surprised that they have not called me again ».


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Daenerys of game of Thrones he might have had Elizabeth Olsen’s face, if only her audition hadn’t been so disastrous. “I don’t know what to say – she recalled – but I just know that I was there to tell my lines and I thought I was doing a terrible job. Indeed, it was so ».

It comes to say that, looking at the careers of all of them, it better go like this. They all have great careers, even without that role.

5 unmissable celebs auditions

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