5 Must-Have Android Apps – Part 70

Recommended apps from Google play
The Play Store is a treasure mine, but finding useful applications or well-made Android games is quite a challenge. Therefore, every Friday we share our finds and news from Google Play, with a special emphasis on valuable and useful tools that are worth having at hand.

Mubert – Who’s playing now? Nobody, it’s artificial intelligence

Price: PLN 0, optional in-app purchases. Download for free from Google Play

Mubert for Android

Mubert is an amazing streaming app in which the music is sampled … no, not DJs. Artificial intelligence, trained by musicians. What’s more, you can also train the algorithms to better match the music to your taste. I think Mubert should be on the phone of every electronics fan.

Stream resembles a DJ set, it is continuous and gently changes over time, but there is no end to it – after all, the artificial intelligence will not get tired of playing. To better adjust it to your taste, you can mark the fragments you like the most – these functions are available after logging in. Thanks to this, you can get a unique soundtrack for work, study, exercise or a house party. In addition to virtual DJs, you can also choose the climate, genre, purpose: focus, meditation, cardio training, dating, etc. Some climates and genres are additionally payable. Music can also be sent to home Hi-Fi via Chromecast.

Chord AI – Artificial Intelligence will help you play your favorite track

Price: PLN 0, optional in-app purchase. Download for free from Google Play

Chord AI for Android

Chord AI is an amazing app for aspiring musicians. It allows you to easily familiarize yourself with the chords used in your favorite songs. The song can be loaded from a file, from YouTube or listen to the phone’s microphone. Chord AI will recognize the chords and show you how to play them on guitar, ukulele and keyboards. You can also correct the capo and transpose.

The finished record can be exported as a text or PDF file for printing. You can also play with the application that will suggest the next chords in real time. The paid version of the application recognizes more advanced chords, allows you to store an unlimited number of recordings, and there is no limit to export PDF files. The purchase is a one-time purchase.

Remini – artificial intelligence will save your photos

Price: PLN 0 for 5 photos, subscription fee. Download for free from Google Play

Remini for Android

Remini is a capable app save failed photos. Artificial Intelligence recognizes the content and the steps that need to be taken to make the shot shine. Remini is able to remove noise, sometimes improve colors and, above all, recover blurry and slightly blurred shots. The effects are surprisingly good.

You can improve 5 photos for free. The paid version also allows you to correct photos up to 4096 pixels on one side, choose the best effect from several proposed ones and apply the same processing methods to videos.

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Storyteller – Artificial intelligence that sounds like a voiceover

Price: PLN 0 for 6 thousand. characters per day, optional in-app purchases. Download for free from Google Play

Storyteller for Android

Storyteller is another amazing application of artificial intelligence. Here, computer teachers are able to do it naturally read text in over 50 languages, including Polish. There are voices to choose from masculine and feminine, with different accents and even speaking several languages.

The primary use of the Storyteller application is reading history. You can divide it into parts and have different actors read them. In this way, you can prepare a narrative for a movie or an entire radio play without having real voice actors at your disposal.

Compared to hiring actors, the Storyteller is priced affordable and has a very flexible pricing. For free, it allows you to read or export as MP3 6,000 characters a day. In addition, you can buy pages once and in a subscription, you can also buy additional votes and gain more characters by watching ads.

Vinci – Your photos are art

Price: PLN 0, optional subscription. Download for free from Google Play

Vinci for Android

Vinci uses artificial intelligence in a way that the Prisma application popularized a few years ago – transfers the style from the base image to a photo captured with the phone. Interestingly, Vinci is also able to recognize a person and replace only the first or only the second plan. This gives interesting possibilities for mixing styles. I recommend you to just play with it.

The paid app has more styles and allows you to remove watermark from photos.

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Photo source: Michael Dziedzic on Unsplash, Google Play

Text Source: Google Play, incl.

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