5 nonsense never again without less than 10 €

Of ingenious products, on Amazon, there are so many. Some, once discovered, become practically indispensable: you can no longer do without them. I have selected 5, all a less than 10 €, which you can take with fast and free shipping, guaranteed by Prime services. Ready to discover spectacular and useful gadgets? Here they are all.

The first is my favorite and it should be yours too. You know what the steel bar of soap? No? We have to fix it. With this genius, just rub your hands for a moment to eliminate bad smells that hardly go away (such as onion, fish, garlic, etc.). No added chemicals and then – detail not to be overlooked – these gadgets last forever! Seeing is believing, the pack of 2 pieces (with “soap” holder) you get it for € 9.99.

Bet you will love this gadget? You know what it means to be able to prepare good rice in a few minutes and without being behind the cooking? Of course you don’t know, you’ve never tried the microwave rice cooker. In my opinion, a street should be named after this product. Put the water and cereal, close, turn on following the instructions and the dear oven will do the rest. You take it home for € 9.90.

Let’s completely change the subject, let’s write. But let’s do it with the pens without ink, which last indefinitely (or almost!). They write due to the rubbing of the metal of the tip on the sheet, they do not smudge and have a stroke very similar to that of pencils. Like them, they also have the erasable stroke. Each pen comes with its own rubber and spare tip. You get the 8-piece kit for € 8.99

The fourth gadget is designed to avoid the inevitable: throwing labels on parcels and letters, all with your sensitive data on display. Have you ever thought about how risky it is to throw away names, surnames and addresses? Or are you already part of the “I do everything in small pieces, it will take an hour” team? Here, with this special rubber stamp, it will be impossible to read what is written below and your privacy will be protected. Equipped with a refillable ink tank, and therefore absolutely non-disposable, you get it for € 9.17.

To top it off, for those so good at screwing things down the wrong way, here’s the sturdy and durable adhesive tape. To make a good impression, showing your housework, without risking losing a hand every time. This tape can be removed, moved, washed and reused, getting great results every time. Perfect for use on a lot of surfaces, I read you can even use it to stop car plates! The pack of 5 meters, you get it for € 9.90.

Now you know it too: come on Amazon there are crazy geniuses just waiting to be discovered, so as to simplify your life. You can take these handy gadgets home to less than 10 € and they all enjoy absolutely fast and free shipping if you are subscribed to Prime services.

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