5 streaming movie with Angelina Jolie featured on Netflix

Diva as she is, there is no… Angelina Jolie is the super star of hollywood number one. In life and on the screen. To watch and relate to… And so here’s his movie to watch tonight on tv streaming. But also today and tomorrow and all the days that will be… On Netflix and other platforms.

After the star Brad Pitt, we choose the his ex-wife Angelina Jolie to suggest the best cinematic visions of housewives.

Full lips, clear eyes and bright, which seem not of this world, the voice of velvet. Diva par excellence. Beautiful, committed to social, also director and producer engagée. Here is our personal top 5 of movies with the diva Jolie.

#IoRestoACasa to watch good movies streaming.

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The talented Miss Jolie. Angelina Jolie is the super star No. 1 Hollywood. He won an Oscar for this film, Girl, interrupted. The first of the 5 that you should see streaming tonight on tv, and also before and after

Tonight on tv: Angelina Jolie in Girl, interrupted streaming on Netflix

On many platforms (Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Chili, Rakuten Tv, Google Play, iTunes…) is visible in the drama Girl, interrupted (1999) James Mangold.

New England, 1967. After an attempted suicide, the troubled seventeen-year-old Susanna (Winona Ryderand end up in a nursing home. Here he meets the aggressive and disturbed Lisa (Jolie) with whom, after an initial hostility, established a bond of friendship strong.

Taken from the autobiographical book by Susanna dee wallace, the film, Mangold is a portrait of the poignant and rather disturbing (the hollywood standard) two girls borderline. And a friendship impossible.

To “get population” as her character, Jolie avoided any human contact with Winona Ryder before and after the shot.

Thanks to this film, Jolie he won his only Oscar (best supporting actress).

Finally, despite the unnatural pallor, and bruises (fake) on the face and body, the actress is perhaps at the peak of its beauty.

Tonight on tv: Angelina Jolie in The Changeling streaming on Amazon Prime Video

On different platforms (Amazon Prime Video, Chili, TIMVision, Rakuten Tv, Google Play, iTunesis visible for yet another masterpiece Clint Eastwood. The Changeling (2008) with Angelina Jolie.

Los Angeles, 1928. Christine Collins (extraordinary Angelina) they no longer find the child. A few months after the police captain shows up with the lost boy. Christine, however, does not recognize him as his son. The authorities admitted the woman in a mental institution. Only the arrest of a pedophile will reveal the true fate of his son and Christine.

angelina jolie

Mother courage in The Changelingtaken from a true story.

Inspired by a tragic true story embodies the soul of the best cinema eastwoodiano. The search for truth in a corrupt system, a pessimism deep in which it seems impossible redemption. Clint proves once again the great director of actors.

Jolie (Oscar nomination) gives what is probably the best test of acting of his career. Working in subtraction, its looks encompass the depths of anxiety, anger, and darkness.

Tonight on tv: Angelina Jolie in Gone in 60 seconds in streaming su TIMVision

The action of 2000, directed by Dominic Sena, is visible on TIMVision, Chili, Rakuten Tv, Google Play and other platforms.

Together with the next Wanted (on Amazon Prime Video, Chili, iTunes), Gone in 60 seconds it is one of the film’s most ” pop ” and “comic book” with Angelina Jolie.

This time we find Angie at the wheel of the finest cars pushed to the tablet (a year before the boom of similar Fast & Furious, 2001).

angelina jolie

Platinum blonde, and ultra pop Gone in 60 secondi: fast and funny

The film tells the story of Memphis Raines (Nicolas Cage), a former car thief now redeemed. To save the life of the brother, the man should be back in action for a mission impossible. Steal 50 cars in 72 hours. In the undertaking with the help of his beautiful ex-flame Sara “Sway” Wayland (Jolie).

The film is an action rather conventional, but for the fans it’s interesting to see Angie in a look completely new (platinum blonde and dredd). The diva is itching really sporty, and at full speed of the superbolidi co-stars.

Sassy and seductive femme fatale asks Memphis: “What do you think is more exciting? Having sex or stealing cars?“.

Simply: the sexy bomb.

Tonight on tv: Angelina Jolie in Maleficent and Maleficent 2 streaming Rakuten TV

Are visible in live streaming is Maleficent (Disney +, Chili, Rakuten Tv, TIMVision, Google Play, The Microsoft Store, iTunes, Playstation Store) that the recent sequel Maleficent – evil Lady (Infinity, Chili, Rakuten Tv, TIMVision).

It is the reinvention in “two parts” of the imaginary of the Sleeping beauty in the woods.

Sixty years after the ultraclassico cartoon (1959), a lot changes on the screen. The fantasy version and live action disney is indeed a triumph of special effects.

Angelina Jolie (always the most alien body, changed to the computer) plays with charming and just the coldness of the witch’s Evil. An ex-girlfriend from the heart of gold, betrayed by the world, and this made the ice age and insensitive…

Although demonic and violent, the eyes are fluorescent, and huge horns of a goat, here she is not in the true incarnation of evil. As well as in the epic chapter 2.

And they lived really happily ever after?

Tonight on tv: Angelina Jolie in By the Sea streaming on the Pounds

Written, directed, and produced (together with the ex-husband Brad Pitt) and starring Jolie. By the Sea it is visible on multiple platforms (Chili, Rakuten Tv, TIMVision, iTunes).

It takes place in the mid-Seventies. It tells the story of an american couple consisting of Vanessa (Jolie), a former dancer, and her husband Roland (Pitt), a writer. The spouses spend a holiday in France, trying to rebuild a relationship in a crisis…

angelina jolie

Had to be a declaration of love, became the film the end of love: By the Sea Angelina Jolie, with her and Brad Pitt

Perhaps the most interesting of Jolie as a director. Focuses on the difficulties of the couple life, the misunderstandings and the struggle for happiness. Angelina also offers a good test of the actress is not easy (tormented woman with a mental disorder).

The movie proved unfortunately prophetic for the fate of the “Brangelina” that have broken up and are back to being Brad and Angelina, after just one year.

If you are on the verge of divorce or separation maybe recovered quite a title “scacciapensieri” Angelina as Lara Croft: Tomb Raider (on Amazon Prime Video, Rakuten Tv, Chili or iTunes)!

Good visions with Angelina.


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