5 unnecessary things Rockstar should get rid of in GTA 6

GTA 6 may still be a year away, but the Grand Theft Auto series has come a long way. Over the years, the series has experimented with many features and quirks and then improved, downgraded, or removed them. Rockstar has also added some features or changes to the game that have been criticized by many fans. At this point, with years of community feedback, they should know what fans want and don’t want.

As a result, there’s a lot of stuff in the series that ranges from unnecessary to absolutely annoying. This article will list some features that GTA 6 should avoid returning, including poorly crafted stealth features, annoying phone calls, shark cards, and more.

Note: The article is highly subjective and represents only the author’s opinion.

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5 things Rockstar shouldn’t include in GTA 6

1) Stealth mode

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Now, this doesn’t mean that GTA 6 shouldn’t have any stealth features at all, but it does mean that it shouldn’t feel as half-baked as GTA V. In this game, instead of crouching, the protagonists can enter what’s called a stealth mode, where they move slower. However, it’s not as useful as it sounds, nor should it be in the next game.

In stealth mode, enemies can still easily spot the protagonist, and there’s no point in walking at a different speed instead of crouching. While a character can crouch in cover, they cannot do so while walking. A 2022 GTA 6 leak revealed that players can crouch and prone, which seems to be a step in the right direction. Now, all it needs is an improved stealth system to go with that.

2) Non-stop phone calls

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The most annoying feature of GTA Online is the constant phone calls from various in-game NPCs. This is because a decade of content has been added to the game, and with almost every update, NPCs will call players to let them know. Now, a recent game update has changed the frequency of these calls, but they’re not completely gone.

This is definitely one of the things that should be avoided in GTA 6 as it would make the multiplayer experience more enjoyable. Simply using email instead of phone calls will be easier to handle since players won’t need to be reminded of the same thing repeatedly.

3) Shark card

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The best-case scenario for Grand Theft Auto 6’s multiplayer mode is that there’s no monetization. However, it’s unlikely that Take-Two will completely eliminate microtransactions in a business as profitable as Grand Theft Auto. What they could do to please the community is eliminate any pay-to-win aspects of microtransactions, i.e. Shark Cards.

Shark cards are like an instant boost that skips all the grinding in Grand Theft Auto Online, and they often give players easy access to super-powerful vehicles. However, another effect of Shark Cards is that they quickly inflate the in-game economy, making all purchases more expensive. If Rockstar decides to remove shark cards, it will be a major change for GTA 6.

4) Unskippable cutscenes

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Like the constant phone calls, another annoying feature of GTA Online is the unskippable cutscenes. When purchasing a property and starting a new DLC, the game forces some extremely long and boring cutscenes that serve no purpose. The plot can be explained in real time, and the remaining details can be filled in through text.

Most of the time, players don’t care about all the characters and their motivations in Grand Theft Auto Online because the story writing isn’t nearly as good as it is in the single-player games. This is an aspect that previous games in the series did better than GTA 5, as the story mode also had some unnecessarily long cutscenes.

5) Empty buildings

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If there’s nothing to interact with inside the building, it’s best not to include it. This is a lesson Rockstar should have learned from Grand Theft Auto V, as this massive map has a lot of areas with absolutely nothing to do. Some places, such as the Blaine County Savings Bank and Vangelico, have detailed interiors as they relate to the mission.

However, Pacific Standard Bank, for example, has detailed interiors but not much to do in story mode. There are also many larger, empty interior spaces that serve no purpose, such as airports and docks. GTA 6 should take inspiration from San Andreas in this regard and include interactive interiors such as gyms, casinos, burglar-proof houses, and more.

In other news, it was recently reported that PS5 Pro will support AI upgrades, and Grand Theft Auto fans are eager to play GTA 6 on PS5 Pro.

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