52-year-old Jennifer Lopez impresses without makeup. This is due to these two care products

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez caused a storm by claiming that she owes her youthful appearance to the use of olive oil and not to “tweaks” in an aesthetic medicine office. How was it really? We are unlikely to find out, but it doesn’t hurt to try her ways to smooth skin. Here are 6 of them.

Jennifer Lopez without makeup. How does she do it?

Jennifer Lopez has been delighting fans for years, not only with her musical talent, but also with her impeccable appearance. The star who started her great career in the 90s has not changed much! Despite the fact that she is 50 on the back of her neck, her skin is smooth like a teenager’s, as evidenced by the photos without makeup she posts on Instagram from time to time. Recently J.Lo has published another selfie that charmed Internet users – the singer is completely saute, in a loose bun, takes a bath in copious foam:

What a problem to take such a photo in the era of many filters that can hide all imperfections and even change the contour of the face, ask the unbelievers. The star, however, really has nothing to hide, which is also confirmed by video recordings that often appear on her social media profiles. So what’s the secret? The artist herself admits that she was endowed with good genes, but she follows these few rules in care.

He loves olive oil

Declaration of attachment to olive oil in skin care caused quite a stir on the web. Internet users, and even dermatologists, were critical of this method of preventing wrinkles, even though J.Lo assured that the application of the oil was the secret of her beautiful skin. Although experts with a pinch of salt took the information that the star did not use Botox, the fact is that olive oil has a number of properties that positively affect the appearance of the skin. First of all, oil lubricates and indirectly moisturizes the skin, which means that it protects it from water loss through evaporation. Olive oil and other natural oils also strengthen the epidermal lipid barrier and make it more elastic. Oil is a great addition to body scrub, or it can replace a lotion – it is worth rubbing it into wet skin, right after leaving the bathtub. Olive oil can also help with makeup removal – it will quickly dissolve even waterproof mascara and will not irritate the eyes.

If Jen does not have the oil at hand, however, she chooses the iconic, rose cream from Dr. Hauschek:

Interchangeable with luxurious Creme de La Mer:

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Sunscreen cream is a must-have

While the miraculous properties of olive oil may be controversial, cream with filter certainly contributed significantly to J.Lo.’s youthful appearance. The star admitted in interviews that she started using it as a teenager, and she does not leave home without SPF 50. Cream with a filter is the favorite anti-wrinkle cosmetic of many dermatologists – its use protects the skin against the destructive effects of UV radiation, which is responsible for the destruction of collagen and elastin in the skin, loss of its firmness, and consequently the appearance of wrinkles and discoloration.

She uses sheet masks

Jennifer Lopez admits that she likes to relax with moisturizing sheet mask on the face. Moisturizing the face is the basis of skin aging prevention – it loses water with age, which significantly affects its density and firmness. J.Lo also emphasizes that he drinks a lot of water, but the skin also needs moisturizing from the outside. In everyday care, use products with hyaluronic acid in the composition – it is a humectant that has the ability to bind water in the epidermis. Why a sheet mask? The sheet intensifies the action of active ingredients – it sticks tightly to the skin and does not allow valuable substances to evaporate with water.

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He reaches for supplements

The singer talks a lot about diet in the context of beauty care. It is no wonder, after all, the skin is the largest organ of the body, which, just like any other, needs good nourishment. Fruits, vegetables, unprocessed foods, and avoiding sugar are the mainstays of Lopez’s diet, but that’s not all. The star is additionally supported by supplements that can supplement any vitamin or mineral deficiencies.

He doesn’t drink alcohol and doesn’t smoke

Both alcohol and cigarettes are killings for beautiful skin. Alcohol dries it terribly, and cigarette smoke causes wrinkles, makes the skin sallow, and can worsen seborrhea. Lopez’s fiancé, Alex Rodriguez, in an interview with Harper’s Bazaar, confirmed the healthy lifestyle of his beloved:

She really does the basics. He sleeps 8 to 10 hours, does not drink or smoke – he lives very healthy. – He said.

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