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The Kremlin recognizes the difficulties in recruiting reservists. Peskov, Putin’s spokesman, admits: There was a hysterical reaction

cordial that if you die for your country you will always be with God. To us Italians, Patriarch Kirill’s stern warning can also remind us of that addressed by a monk to Massimo Troisi in We just have to cry. But obviously, the matter is unfortunately much more serious. The intervention of the highest Russian spiritual authority certainly does not fall from heaven, but represents the usual bank offered by the Orthodox Church to political power embodied by Vladimir Putin. Don’t be afraid of losing your life, go boldly to fulfill your military duty.

Clearer and more explicit than this the message could not have been. In times of need, Kirill is always there for the president, with whom he has long established a union of intentions, indulging his will in all respects, as some religious leaders have complained for some time. Although he can induce a smile due to his always excessive tones, the words of the patriarch are a necessary help to guide the opinion of the deep countrywho now fears for the fate of their children called to the front by the partial mobilization.

The Kremlin did not expect such a reaction, with an attempted border exodus more important than expected. The admission came yesterday through the mouth of Dmitry Peskov, Putin’s spokesperson: There was a hysterical reaction among the population he said referring to the announcement of the partial mobilization that generated panic and uncertainty, due to the generic nature of the presidential decree. One could somehow understand the extreme emotionality of the early hours. There was indeed a certain lack of information. But all the necessary information lines have been activated since yesterday. Peskov then concluded his speech by expressing admiration and pride for those ten thousand Russians who, according to the authorities, spontaneously showed up at the recruitment center, without waiting for the call: I am a great example.

Something certainly did not work, even in terms of communication. For the third time, the Ministry of Defense has published on its website an update of the categories exempted from the front, adding workers in the sectors of technology, finance, telecommunications and journalists. Everyday, the pool of conscripts to be drawn on is restricted. As if someone had felt the need to reassure the population.

I wonder if it will be enough. We are certainly not in the presence of a mass exodus, but the numbers of those who have chosen to travel abroad are starting to be important. According to Guide to the free worldthe non-governmental organization that helps anti-war Russians leave the country, the men who have fled in these three days are already seventy thousand. They try in every way. By car, causing long queues at the gates with neighboring countries, but also by bicycle and scooter. And here the problems begin. Finland, which shares a 1,300-kilometer border with Russia, said it will significantly restrict Russian entry. Poland and the Baltic countries have closed their borders for weeks. Not afraid of immigration, but of the spies that the Kremlin could infiltrate in states considered hostile. For those who were against the war and now refuse to fight it, in addition to the damage there is also insult

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