Since the end of 2020, the artist has visited the USA, the United Kingdom, Kenya, Malawi, and Egypt – with a visit to an orphanage.

The singer Madonna has caused controversy and has been the target of criticism on social networks due to her constant travels amid the pandemic of the new coronavirus. In the past three weeks, the artist has traveled to five countries: the United States, United Kingdom, Malawi, Egypt, and Kenya. The 62-year-old artist’s many trips antagonize the recommendations of seclusion and social detachment made by world medical authorities in the midst of the fight against the spread of COVID-19.

Madonna left Los Angeles three weeks ago, just before Christmas, went to London in the company of her boyfriend and four of the children, and then went to Africa, to visit Malawi, Egypt, and Kenya. Amid her many outings, the singer even visited an orphanage in Malawi and met with the country’s president, Lazarus Chakwera. In Kenya, she went on a safari with her children.

Singer Madonna visiting an orphanage in Malawi (Photo: Instagram)

Several international newspapers published articles calling attention to the singer’s travels and her supposed disregard for the pandemic. In the UK she was criticized by major local publications, in articles in the Daily StarDaily MailDaily Mirror, and The Sun newspapers.

Singer Madonna on her travels amid the pandemic of the new coronavirus (Photo: Instagram)

“Just ridiculous”, wrote the reader of one of the newspapers in a comment to one of the stories. “The Queen of Hypocrisy”, called another. “At her age, she should be isolated,” said a third, recalling the fact that the artist, already an elderly woman, found herself in the pandemic risk group. “I’m Madonna and the rules don’t apply to me,” quipped someone else.

Amid questions about a possible carelessness of the artist in relation to the pandemic, the Daily Star reports that the singer’s personal advisers say that she and her family “have been undergoing constant tests of COVID-19 to make sure that no one has been infected”.

The singer Madonna in her passage through Kenya in the company of one of the children (Photo: Instagram)

Owner of a fortune estimated at £ 630 million, about 4.7 billion reais, Madonna would be making the trips in her private jet. In addition to the family and her boyfriend, she would be accompanied by her private photographer, Ricardo Gomes, responsible for documenting the tours.

International authorities speak of more than 1.9 million deaths worldwide due to the new coronavirus pandemic. In Brazil alone, more than 200 thousand people died. In the United States, there are more than 376 thousand deaths, in the United Kingdom more than 81 thousand victims. The numbers have been increasing over the past few weeks following the discovery of a more contagious and deadly strain of the virus.

Singer Madonna with her boyfriend on her recent trip to Africa (Photo: Instagram)

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