8 Movies on Mental Illness in Young People not to be missed [LISTA]

Mental illness
Adoration is a film about mental illness among the youngest

There are more and more films that talk about mental health among young people: an example is Adorationfilm by Fabrice Du Weltz arriving at the cinema on May 19 at the cinema thanks to Wanted Cinema.

The story centers on the shy Paul (Thomas Gioria), a twelve-year-old boy who spends his days in nature around the psychiatric hospital where his mother works.

Still tormented by his father’s abandonment and forced to play and grow up in complete solitude, Paul quickly falls in love with Gloria (Fantine Harduin), a girl of the same age as soon as she arrives at the clinic and who, with ease, manages to convince him to run away with her to seek freedom.

Between coming-of-age novel and road movie, Adoration it focuses as much on growth as it is on unveiling the consequences of mental illnesses and how they, if left unaddressed, can be as much a danger to those with them as they are to those around them. Below we leave you the Trailer:

The other films on mental illness among young people

We are infinite

Based on the novel by Stephen Chbosky, We are infinite arrived at the cinema in 2012, bringing to the theater the training path of a shy boy (played by Logan Lermann), who while facing the normal challenges of adolescence and school – including his first love – must face depression and above all, the consequences of sexual abuse suffered as a child.

To the bone

Written by Marti Noxon, Fino all’osso is a Netflix film that deals with the ever-delicate theme of eating disorders and the consequences they bring to the mental health of young people.

The story is that of Ellen (Lily Collins), a girl suffering from anorexia nervosa, developed as a result of personal problems and a high level of stress due to a difficult family condition. Thanks to her rehabilitation with Dr. Beckham (Keanu Reeves), the girl will be able to face and deal with her illness.

17 years and how to get out alive

Always available on Netflix, 17 years and how to get out alive it is a film that shows above all how mental health can affect the “normal” life of a teenager. The story is that of Nadine (Hailee Steinfeld) who, following a bereavement, develops a depression that is not medically treated and that, slowly, explodes like a real burden that prevents her from living her life in serene way.

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