9th edition Formentera Jazz Festival with Duquende, Alexandre Delange, Anna Rossi, Eye Trick, Monkey Doo, Sonido Tupinamba, Fosk and Mel Semme from June 1 to 4

Duquende, Alexandre Delange, Anna Rossi, A Trick, Monkey Doo, Sonido Tupinamba, Fosk and Mel Semme create the final poster for the 9th edition of the festival

From June 1st to June 4th in various locations on the paradisiacal island of Formentera

4 days of live music + concerts + jam sessions + reconnecting with nature

Formentera Jazz Festival He will once again fill the turquoise waters of some of the most emblematic corners of the Mediterranean paradise he calls home with music. an annual meeting This The year will celebrate its ninth edition from June 1 to 4 And it once again promises to be an impressive show for the lovers of jazz music and jazz fusion.

At the end of its first decade, the festival celebrates music, culture and their connection to nature. continues to bet on showcasing the intersection of jazz across different musical styles, encouraging in itself programming Diversity between international talent And National, As well as prominent figures local people living in Balearic Islands.

throughout its four days, the festival will tour Separatethe corners paradise island from Formentera,

starting its traditional Opening Session 1 on Thursday Together Anna Rossi TrioBy first time from one of the most traditional places on the island, This is Mollie de Sal. To participate you need to make advance reservation by calling 971187491 as capacity is limited

On Friday 2 and Saturday 3 June, the central days of the festival, the Constitution Square of St. Francis will host the following concerts on the festival’s iconic open-air stage, Duquende, Alexandre DeLonge, Monkeyd Doo, Fosk, Eye Trick, Monkey Doo and Tupinamba Sound.

The festival will conclude in a traditional way on Sunday, June 4. jam session at the Formentera Jazz Festival Chez GerdyArtist directed by Des Pujols Mail beans.,

as always, There will be a plastic collection on Sunday at 5:00 pm in collaboration with plastic free In S. Pujols Beach, As a symbol of stability sought from the organization.

FJF completes its 9th edition poster
While the long-awaited reunion between festival fans, artists and the local community around the world draws closer, Formentera Jazz Festival Presents a cast of international and national artists who do programming this new version Together: Duquende, Alexandre DeLonge, Anna Rossi, Monkeyd Doo, Fosk, Eye Trick, Monkey Doo and Tupinamba Sound.

Attendees will be able to enjoy the diverse selection of music that the festival proposes, with this first batch, traveling between the energy of flamenco and the gentle melodies of jazz fusion. beginning with Duke, One of the most prestigious singers on the current flamenco scene who, in addition to a successful career as a soloist, has been requested on international tours by artists of the stature of El Habichuela, Tomatoto, Morito Chico, Vicente Amigo or Paco de Lucía . himself with whom he had been sharing the stage for over 20 years as the official vocalist on his tours. The teacher referred to Duquesne as “a monster who has the magic of cant, inspiration and technology”.

Member of choirs such as Coates, UNA, Gafeira Miuda and Ramiro Pinheiro, duets with JP Balcazar or Guillem Aguilar, singer Anna Rossi Will present his recently released album at Formentera Jazz ‘a home’(February 2023). The creative dimensions of this Argentine artist living in Barcelona are oral transmission, pleasure as a moral and educational basis, curiosity as a vehicle, subtlety as power, participation, sharing, words, shapes and colors, forms of nature I am inspired to hear…

FJF coming from Valencia will have formation oh trick whose premise is inspired by funk pioneers such as James Brown, Rick James, Prince and Tower of Power. However, with a modern touch reminiscent of Silk’n Sonic, Thundercat, Robert Glasper, Erykah Badu, NERD or Wolfpack.

FJF also receives tupinamba sound, music curator and disc jockey born in the Andes and based in Barcelona. A tireless researcher of African and Latin American rhythms, he founded the Poly-Rhythmo Club dance club in 2017, where Nu Genia, Frankie Francis (Sofrito) and Charles Maurice (Favorite Recordings) have performed. They have performed at major festivals: Glastonbury, WOMAD, Primavera Sound, Estero Picnic … They have also graced dance floors at music temples such as Pikes (Ibiza), Nitsa (Barcelona), Bar Caracol and Heavy House (San Pablo), Noche Negra has driven. and Terminal Club (CDMX). Tupinamba blends tropical heat with the hottest sounds of disco, funk and house of yesterday and today.

In charge of FJF jam sessions, mail beansCuban-Haitian musician, who began his musical career in a Baptist church in his hometown in Cuba. After graduating from the Music University of Havana, he joined the Havana Symphony Orchestra and the Camagüey Symphony Orchestra. He also taught percussion and performance in Liechtenstein and Switzerland and toured Europe with various musical projects. He currently lives in Barcelona, ​​leads the group Black Gandhi and participates in other projects including Gone Gone Beyond and the Bardia Charaf Quartet. He has performed with many well-known musicians, including Yusuf Nador, Stewart Copeland, Fito Páez, and Damien Rice.

FJF Balearic DNA
French virtuoso pianist and composer Alexandre Delange, Represents a true sampling of the rich fabric of artists of various nationalities who have resided and creatively influenced the island over the decades. In addition to his career as a musician, he is the originator of several musical proposals in Formentera in which he experiences fusion between very different styles (jazz, soul, rock, funk, Latin, Balkan, flamenco …).

monkey do is a Majorcan musical group born in 2011 and since then has given many concerts in the Balearic Islands and the rest of Europe, performing at all kinds of events, festivals and popular parties.

Monkey Doo is a swing/skiffle band that seeks to recover the most popular essence of this music genre, with performances of both classic songs from the first period (20s or 30s) and American popular music instruments of the time. with use.

Monkey Doo is made from: Nestor Casas on trumpet and lead vocals + Sergio Tecgallen on guitar and backing vocals + Didac Buscato on washtub bass/hi hat and backing vocals.

Finally the Ibizan artist, Fosc. An artist who develops his concern for the music that constantly surrounds him very early on. Therefore, its main influence is electronics in its broadest sense. Later, after his trips to places like Brazil, Colombia or Kenya, he fell in love with tropical music. The result is a mix in which he finds traces of electronics in music with African origins and African in most current music. He is the resident DJ at Es Xiringuito Figueretas, Malanga Café and Wom Radio Café in Ibiza. He is part of the Guts collective “Around Pura Vida” and has participated in several annual editions in which it meets.

FJF a high value proposition for tourism and cultural clothing
Formentera Jazz Festival Formentera was born in 2015 with the support of the Island Council Aimed at being a musical meeting open to the universe of jazz, and aspired to provide diversity in terms of style, generation and international diversity.

version after version not only have achieved their Undisputed position as a quality music proposition, But Knowing how to leverage its media focus to raise awareness has been vital in the development of a responsible tourism fabric and fosters respect for the natural environment in which it lives Through its free, accessible and above all sustainable cultural offer model environmental level.

In the words of Maxwell Wright, director of the Formentera Jazz Festival: “We are excited to celebrate the ninth anniversary of the Formentera Jazz Festival. Over the years, we have been fortunate to have on our small island some of the most talented artists of the national and international jazz scene from around the world. Since its creation, the festival It has been successful in the press and its reception by the island’s residents and its visitors, attracting thousands of jazz fans from all over the world and becoming one of the most anticipated events of the year in Formentera.This year, we present a lineup of world-class artists. are delighted to present, which will provide a unique and unforgettable musical experience. The festival is also an opportunity to reflect on sustainability and enjoy the island’s natural beauty as well as its culture and gastronomy. We look forward to welcoming all attendees Can’t wait to come and celebrate together the love for jazz and its derivatives in the most beautiful setting that Formentera has to offer us.

in the same sense Vice President and Minister of Tourism Alejandra Ferrer, Celebrated the consolidation of the festival that offers visitors to come and spend a few days in the low season, while it has also become a festival that is much loved by many residents. Furthermore, Alejandra Ferrer has also explained that the sustainable aspect of the festival and the awareness-raising work that it does is essential to the Consul. for his part, Culture Minister Vanessa Parelada, highlights that the Formentera Jazz Festival has an undeniable position as a proposition for quality music. In this sense, he recalled that the festival is free and brings culture closer to all.

In short, the Formentera Jazz Festival is the benchmark boutique festival in the Mediterranean, where, as has been the case throughout the island’s history, diversity reigns. Diversity of sound styles, diversity of audiences, and endless possibilities and experiences to enjoy, especially for lovers of jazz music who want to live a unique experience in a paradisiacal natural environment of immense beauty and high environmental value.

The countdown to the ninth edition of Formentera Jazz begins!
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