A 39-story skyscraper has collapsed in South Korea. Six people are missing [WIDEO]

Dzo Ho-ik of the city fire department said that rescuers temporarily suspended their search for missing persons for fear that the structure would collapse. He added that the rescue operation would resume on Wednesday if it was found to be safe to carry out. AP reported that probably all wanted workers worked on the construction site.

So far, three workers have been saved; two of them were trapped in a shipping container that got stuck in debris after the outer wall of the structure partially collapsed. One of them was slightly injured.

As a result of the accident, at least 10 cars parked nearby were damaged; emergency services evacuated 109 households and approx. 90 shops in the area.

The causes of the catastrophe are not yet known.

According to local officials, 394 people worked at the construction site.

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