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Jennifer Lopez, sexiest celebrity after 40
Author: AP
Jennifer Lopez, sexiest celebrity after 40

Jennifer Lopez (52) will not like this! Apparently, A-Rod (46) decided to play on the nose of his ex-fiancée. After J Lo broke off her engagement and bonded with her old love Ben Affleck, Alex Rodriguez began to spend time again in the company of a beautiful blonde. You’ll never guess who Cynthia Scurtis used to be for A-Rod! Is all this just a sweet revenge on Jennifer Lopez, who comforted herself so quickly after breaking up and healed a broken heart with the help of a Hollywood star? Or maybe old love really doesn’t rust?

Another hot romance in salons ?! Page Six writes about the latest rumors about Jennifer Lopez’s breakup with A-Rod. Recall – in April, the famous singer finally broke off her engagement with a baseball player after four years of acquaintance. The reason was the high-profile media coverage of the alleged infidelity of Alex Rodriguez, who was to be infatuated with the blonde star of the reality show “Southern Charm”. Jennifer Lopez cheered herself up amazingly quickly after the breakup! She almost immediately threw herself into the arms of her former love, actor Ben Affleck. The singer and Hollywood star have been a couple once before, in 2002-2004. Ben Affleck was supposed to be a plaster for a broken star’s heart.

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And who heals A-Rod’s heart? According to Page Six, that someone could be … his ex-wife! Cynthia Scurtis (48) is another sexy and forever young blonde in the life of an athlete. They made an appointment at … the gym, and Alex Rodriguez did not fail to report it on his Instagram. Was he trying to rub Jennifer Lopez’s nose? At the same time, he dissolves in public Internet admiration for the parental abilities of Cynthia Scurtis, with whom he has two daughters, Natasha (16) and Ella (13). The couple were married from 2002 to 2008, and the cause of the end of this relationship was … Alex Rodriguez’s infidelity. Will A-Rod finally change now, or will he hunt for more blondes?

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