A cattle farmer in Turkey uses VR goggles to make the cows give more milk

Virtual Reality Technology is developed in terms of science, medicine, aviation, the video game industry and many others. By imagining VR headset users We always have people in mind, because these devices are designed mainly with them in mind. However, it turns out once again that virtual reality can also benefit the animal world.

A farmer and cattle breeder from Turkey has found a rather unusual application for the VR goggles. Izzet Kocak decided to put them on cows’ eyes and show sunny images with relaxing views. The goal was simple. The breeder wanted to make his the cows gave more milk.

Interestingly, this is not the first example of such use virtual reality tools. Russian breeders had already started using this technique on their pets. The results of their experiment clearly showed that the cows on which the VR goggles were worn they gave more milk and it was of better quality than the control group.

Izzet Kocak admitted that he was persuaded to try this method by the promising results of Russian breeders. Sam had previously tried to increase the amount of milk produced by the cows in other ways. One of them was playing classical music to animals. Turkish breeders found themselves in an uninteresting position due to their steadiness rising feed prices. As a result, livestock prices are higher, so it is no wonder that farmers are looking for a way out of a disadvantage.

A Turkish breeder reports that cows equipped with virtual reality goggles noticeably increased the amount of milk produced. What’s more, its quality is also reportedly much better. Previously, cows produced 22 liters of milk a day, and with the use of VR technology, this value increased to 27 liters.

This is another time when virtual reality goggles are used in cattle farming. As the method is effective, it may become more and more common. Will VR goggles revolutionize animal husbandry?

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