A closed folder will allow you to hide your secret photos

Some time ago, Pixel smartphones were able to hide selected photos and videos from a password / fingerprint protected folder. Now, this feature is making its way to all Android devices.

Folder closed for secret photos

The Locked Folder hit Pixel smartphones in October. At the time, Google promised that all Android users would get it, and that promise is now being fulfilled. This is nothing more than an update for the Google Photos application, but it looks like it was activated on the server side. It is strange as it is a strictly local solution. Photos and videos that you put in the Closed Folder will be deleted from the cloud and access to them will only be possible on your device. What’s more, it will be protected with a password or fingerprint, depending on the security you use on your smartphone. However, remember that if you lose your device or reset it without a backup, the files in this folder will be lost forever. The same will happen if you uninstall the Google Photos app.

The new feature is starting to appear on the first Samsung and OnePlus smartphones. And actually today I got a notification on my OnePlus 7T that prompted me to set up a Closed Folder. There is nothing difficult about it, in fact, you only have to click a few times and accept the risk of data loss that I mentioned in the paragraph above. You can find the closed folder in the Photos application by going to the Library and then to the Tools menu. To access the encrypted content of the folder, you must authorize yourself using a fingerprint or code.

When you open the folder, a message will appear that there is nothing in it yet and a button that allows you to select photos and videos from our library to be transferred here. This means that they will completely disappear from our public photo library and their copies in the Google Cloud will be deleted. A useful function if you are showing photos to your friends and you don’t want a private photo to suddenly appear in the album. Google hid photos of a little puppy from children on the presentation, but I suspect that most of us may want to hide a slightly different type of photos ;-). Some celebrities, whose nude photos sometimes circulate on the Internet, should use this option ;-).

The closed folder will also go to the Google Photos app on iOS, but not until next year. You can also read more about this feature on this Google page, including how to take pictures straight into a locked folder.

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