A four-day work week? This is what most workers want. Seniors opposing [BADANIE]

“A revolution in the form of shortening the working week would take time,” reads the report. However, according to Personnel Service experts, the experiences related to remote work show that Poles are able to quickly and easily adapt to changes on the labor market.

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Work (illustrative photo)A 4-day working week is the most attractive benefit for Poles. What else?

The four-day working week has a positive effect on the productivity and well-being of employees

“After the pandemic-induced experiment of moving to remote work, a gradual return to pre-pandemic reality could be a good starting point for the next challenge of introducing a four-day work week,” it wrote. Experts argue that experiences from other countries, incl. Iceland confirms that such an experiment has a positive effect on the efficiency and well-being of employees.

The latest Personnel Service survey shows that the majority of Poles support the introduction of a four-day working week in our country. 68 percent of employees believe that such a work model would have a positive impact on the health of employees. Definitely 53 percent are in favor of this option. people aged 25-34 and 45 percent. at the age of 35-44.

Experts indicate that the number of supporters of this work system increases with their education – only 30 percent. employees with primary education are in favor of reducing working time compared to 43 percent. employees with higher and secondary education. Moreover, the greatest number of supporters of the four-day working week is among those employed in the largest companies, where almost every second person believes that such a model would positively affect their health. For comparison, in the smallest companies employing up to nine people, 31 percent would like a four-day work week.

The four-day workweek did not gain support among 17% of respondents. employees. These are mainly people over 55 – in this group every fourth believes that such a work system will not have a positive impact on the health of employees. The idea is also not supported by people running a business. 40 percent entrepreneurs are against the introduction of the four-day working week.

Working in the office (illustrative photo)USA. Companies are testing a four-day working week. “It’s like a gift from heaven”

Poles are one of the busiest nations

“It is not surprising that the most flexible approach and willingness to change are the most flexible people who opted for the shorter working week option. it is easier to optimize and complete in four days. In the case of, among others, a construction worker, shortening the work by one day may cause delays, and a faster pace means the risk of errors “- explains Krzysztof Inglot, a labor market expert, Personnel Service, quoted in the report.

As we read, the working week shortened to four days may reduce the level of stress that almost every second Pole complains about during a pandemic. Experts remind that in the “Polish Labor Market Barometer” already 46 percent. employees admitted that they have been facing increased stress at work since the outbreak of the pandemic. Women are more exposed to it – 54 percent. of them are more stressed when performing their duties, while for men this percentage is 38%. – we read in the Personnel Service report.

It was also noted that Poles are one of the busiest nations. According to OECD data, in 2020 a Polish employee worked an average of 1,766 hours, which places him in the lead next to the USA (1,767 hours), Croatia (1,834 hours) and Russia (1,874 hours). At the other extreme there are, among others Germans who worked the least last year, i.e. 1,332 hours, and Danes with an average of 1,346 hours.

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