A historic Tatum with 51 points eats Embiid and the Celtics meet the Heat

He machine-gunned a point on the cordon at the time that he started shouting into the sky. for each hit, jason tatum, that the accused stabbed the paranoid and at times apathetic, self-conscious and fearful philadelphia 76ers And he throws slogans into the air for who knows who, claiming himself for who he really is, pouring his whole essence onto the dance floor in an anthropomorphic performance, 51 points Citing Stephen Curry’s passing of 50 two weeks earlier as the greatest exhibition ever in the playoffs and with the Heat in the conference finals for Boston Celtics built for the ring the opposite of wimp joel embied‘0’ is an MVP at all times.

Boston condemns ‘Philly’ to relive the unbearable and intolerable trauma of having to continue hearing how different the world was when it last stepped into the conference finals, 2001, when, Allen Iverson MVP’s, Kobe and Shaq lost the finals against the Lakers. Although the regular season is pegged to be the most valuable prize, Embiid collapsed in such a way that he had to re-emerge with an infamous 15 points on 5/18 shooting from the field. was outlawed from discrimination. An MVP who would be tainted.

“Joel is the MVP for a reason. My teammates did a great job”, explained the forward at the end of the match. Had to be careful. Here everything depended on victory. It was either that or go on vacation. We have been very connected and we remain steadfast”, Jason Tatum was also the topper.

Joel Embiid once again marked himself as a giant with feet of clay that trembles when the pressure and pressure of the opponent sinks. in front of his shyness and insecurities al horford -for which he earned a rebuke from PJ Tucker in the fourth game-, loomed over him, paralyzed by fear, a metaphorical example of the Sixers complex, once overcome by their recent unfortunate past.

Joining hands with Embiid, James Harden fell to nothing, struck again by his fame as a softie in the seventh game, scoring 9 points—3/11 crap on field goals—and 5 turnovers to offset his 7 assists. For. The data that Kirk Goldsberry gave during the game couldn’t say more: ‘Beard’ only registers 30% in pitches in the seventh game.

But who has dragged the dwarf ‘Big Two’ and the Sixers Dr. Rivers. Frustrated and troubled fans of ‘Philly’ would think that a small coterie of wretched men have gone to unite the Sixers in the crucial games. In the crosshairs for being the ruining coach plus 3-1 in history -3-, Decadent Rivers added his ninth loss when he had the opportunity to qualify his team for some conference finals and to extend their negative record to seventh games—6–10– in the seventh clash.

The rivers ruined the little prestige that was left with him. His manner and speech seemed to have died down and, by a quirk of fate, he took it for granted at the venue that took him to the top as a coach, the TD Garden, where he made his debut for the Celtics. The last ring was wrapped. 2008.

A ‘rookie’ as the first technician joe mazzulla He reviewed it, affirming the inefficiency of a fabricated and unorthodox scheme with no options beyond Embiid, Harden and their ‘pick and roll’. tyreese maxi The moment of truth also failed, with 17 insufficient points, as well as 19 from Tobias Harris and 11 from PJ Tucker, who thought it could be the X factor but in the end nothing.

Dr. Rivers, in desperation, is complaining to the referee

Matt Slocum/LaPress

With taking advantage in a chess match of settings including Majulla Robert Williams III In Game 6—he did it again—, Doc Rivers’ response was limited to pleading to enter the issued triple, just what the Celtics wanted to accept with the joy of collapsing the paint against Harden and Embiid. . 21.6% -8/37 – Frustrated Rivers’ plans and any hope for the Sixers, with only 10 points and more than 6 minutes of no scoring in the third quarter (88-62 at the end of the quarter).

Boston’s beating of the Sixers in this all-or-nothing game largely reflects reality, the huge difference between a team in capital letters like the Celtics with its various options in the game and its template depth and the first with a plan built on the basis of his two personalities, supported with tweezers.

It can be said that idols may not fall at this time, but it is in these appointments that they show their essence, but it was enough that a bad day for two stars made the Sixers themselves as an obscene team. was unable to uncover. Thanks to Embiid and Harden finding solutions and avoiding breaks (55-52) Good defensive work by him.

For its part, the Celtics’ perfect defensive performance has been able to assume tatum’s irregularity That, if he learned anything last year, he just had to get stronger, finishing with 17/28 shooting from the field, a whopping 6/10 on triples as well as 13 rebounds, 5 assists and 2 steals.

had to be in mother’s Day The best Tatum was exposed to when in the United States was able to thank, in large part, his mother, from a moving scene with his mother. In June 2022, just days after losing to the Warriors in the finals, the forward was in tears one day in the kitchen with his mother, Brandi, and son, Deuce, because he felt he had failed so many people. a landslide from which it re-emerged to rise for the best tatum, Which will break in such a time.

“I was very happy to have another opportunity and to be home on such an important day, in the seventh game and on Mother’s Day. Congratulations to all of them, and especially to me”, cheered ‘0’, who entered the seventh game as the ‘Celtic’ with the highest score in Boston history, up 51 points from 47. Was. Sam Jones in 1963 and in 41 Paul Pierce in 2008.

James Harden could not get along with any Celtics players defending him. In the image, before Derrick White

steven sane/lapress

As Embiid bowed his head to Al Horford, Tatum set about dismantling the Sixers’ defense, which had been successful for much of the series. With determination, a willingness to draw blood and declare who is better, especially in big moments, the forward sought to pair up with Embiid ‘pick and roll’.

If he didn’t attack him on the perimeter, he dared to defile his area with points in the paint, but even though the play didn’t end with his points, he achieved the goal by taking the Cameroonian out of the paint and leaving Did. others to defend themselves. some sixes that fell apart When not in the form of guardian of the African cordon.

But Tatum, also surrounded by a luxury band as always, scored 25 points. jaylen brown12’s malcolm brogdon And a defensive rendition of Al Horford, who has food for Embiid’s morale and has contributed on the other side of the field, also celebrating a triple again after going 0/9 in the last two games with 2/5. Is.

The Dominican is also coming to live with a very distinct ‘beard’ before the full assist, fully contained at the exit of the direct block. The point guard expires his contract in June – he has an option to continue playing for another year – and could be close to returning Houston Compared to living in Philadelphia.

But it’s not just his play, of an old player in his ring, but of another year of ravaged ‘Philly’ frustrated by ‘Beard’s’ indifference, Embiid’s panic and Rivers’ wretchedness. what was called ‘Process’ At the beginning of the last decade to become great again, it continues with the ellipsis points. have become the conference semi-finals Life sentence for the Sixers.

Boston Celtics: Tatum (51), Al Horford (6), Robert Williams III (6), Brown (25), Smart (7).
Bench: Brogdon (12), White (3), Cornet, Grant Williams, Champagne, Hauser, Pritchard.

Philadelphia 76ers: Harris (19), Tucker (11), Embiid (15), Maxi (17), Harden (9).
Bench: Melton (7), Reid (2), House (4), Korkmaz, Milton, Niang, Springer (4).

Partial: 23-29/32-23/33-10/24-26
Ref: Scott Foster, Bill Kennedy, Eric Lewis.

Events: Game 7 of the Conference Semifinals (East) was played at TD Garden in Boston in front of 19,156 spectators. The Celtics won the series 4–3.

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