A League of Legends Story is a difficult game for a while

Hextech Mayhem: A League of Legends Story is another title that debuted alongside Ruined King on exactly the same day – November 16. However, this game is completely different from the aforementioned RPG. We are dealing here with a platformer. I had the opportunity to spend some time with her and therefore I invite you to my first impressions.

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Hextech Mayhem – general information

Hextech Mayhem

Riot Games describes the game this way:

“In this fast paced and rhythmic running platformer, every action produces an explosive response and there is never too much chaos. Take on the role of a Yordle and a hexplozy expert Ziggs, wreaking havoc like a Piltover long and wide. Bombard, ricochet, and infuse rhythm to avoid obstacles, disarm enemies and set fuses on fire, adding to all-consuming confusion. Create musical chaos and leave the stiff Heimerdinger behind as you try to build the most powerful bomb in the history of the world! Create uncontrollable outbursts with the Unrestrained Confusion system and score extra points … escaping the fun prevention cops and showing them how much they’re actually missing. “

– we read on the game’s profile on Steam.

It is difficult to disagree with this encouragement. Hextech Mayhem is rather casual a game that will provide a lot of fun and will not focus our attention on unnecessary stories. As in a typical platformer, we have to move on as quickly as possible, avoiding or killing enemies on the way. In order to achieve the goal, we use the mouse buttons, thanks to which Ziggs (the main character in the game) will jump, fall or throw bombs.


At the outset, we receive information that music is a key element of the game, so it is worth wearing headphones. After turning on the title, we are greeted by the map menu, which will show which board we are on and which one is behind us. The next “levels” are locked with a padlock.

Hextech Mayhem

Each point on the map consists of several areas to pass. After completing the level, we receive a medal and the appropriate number of gears collected. If there are not enough of them, we will not unlock the next stage.

Objects and game models are repeated in large numbers, but this is the convention of rhythm games and platformers. It’s hard to pay attention to the background in intense play, but League fans should. We see here blurry graphics of the cities of Piltover and Zaun.

The gameplay is intense

The first board is a kind of a tutorial, thanks to which we can learn the mechanics of the game. We receive here information that at the right moment we should press the right mouse button. In theory it’s not difficult, in practice it can be different:

  • The left button is used to jump up,
  • Middle button helps to fall,
  • The right button throws the bomb.

The character’s pace of movement is medium, and the number of clicks on the mouse buttons is high, so the game may be a problem for untrained people. Particular attention should be paid not to crash into a wall or run into an enemy. Then it shows up special force recovery screen. You should then press the mouse buttons at the right moment to return to standard gameplay.

Hextech Mayhem

Any mistake, unfortunately, is very detrimental to acquiring gears. Before we return to the board, some time passes and a lot of chaos sets in, which seriously reduces the player’s chances of achieving a high score. This game is just difficult. I admit that I have passed more than one level several times.

The boards are legible, a lot is happening on them already on the second “level”. The graphics may not be particularly thrilling, but that’s not what platformers are about. They are supposed to provide fun and satisfaction in passing a difficult level – here such satisfaction can be felt. The passage of the board is focused on focus and precise clicks.

Hextech Mayhem

A player can go through a given board many times. However, getting all the gears in Hextech Mayhem takes a tremendous amount of skill and attention. It is really very difficult.

Hextech Mayhem – general impressions

As I mentioned at the beginning, Hextech Mayhem is a game rather for a while, not for longer. I sit down in front of the computer and I spend 15-30 minutes on it – just to feel the fun of the intense platformer. And in this aspect, the title works perfectly well. Completing each level is a challenge (but sometimes it can be frustrating). The graphics are correct and the music is in harmony with the gameplay. This is a title that I will probably come back to from time to time for quick screenings.

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