A little sun when it’s gray outside the window. The best games in the tropics

We are entering this period of the year that I personally do not like. It’s neither warm nor cold. Neither brightly nor climatically (although they will deny the “autumns” with a cup of pumpkin latte) – for me, late autumn and the beginning of winter, where there is no snow in Poland, this is the time when I take vitamin D3 in double doses, because chandra can enter any moment and without warning. It’s best to unscrew the radiator, jump under the blanket and enjoy the goods of pop culture.

For example, those that allow us to break out into completely different worlds – the ones that we are missing at the moment. So I must admit that I love it when the sun’s rays in video games burn my eyes on cold and gray days. Nowadays, racing around Mexico, I get great joy and try to warm up with pixels. I recently enjoyed Far Cry 3 again – double the fun.

In order to make the survival of this period even more pleasant for you (if, like me, you already sigh at higher temperatures), I have prepared a few video games that they are best for a break from cold and wet autumn. Below are the top ten tropical games! Warm water, tall palm trees and the ubiquitous salty. Oh yes, it will be nice!

Far Cry 3

As I mentioned in the introduction, recently I had fun on the iconic island again. And it was a phenomenal adventure. I’m sure anyone who has ever had the pleasure of fighting Vaas and Hoyt will agree. What’s more, the sun literally shines all the time on both islands, the climate almost breaks through the screen, and we want to absorb the heat that surrounds us from everywhere.

Crysis 1

Although at some point in the game we will have a plot twist, it does the lion’s share of the adventure is spent on an extremely hot island. And even today, despite the sometimes visible pixels on the edges, you can still admire the view of palm trees and the beautiful water in the background. I must admit that walks by the water body still put me in a blissful state of relaxation – even despite the fact that enemy soldiers shoot at us from everywhere.

Final Fantasy X

Some will probably agree with me, some will not, but for me, the world in Final Fantasy X was very much like a tropical reality. Sometimes less, sometimes more, but walking around with Tidus, I had the feeling that I was in such a place. Anyway, they probably don’t have to explain it too much – I am convinced that most of you, Dear Players, had the pleasure of communing with this installment of the cult series.

Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze

The list of this type must include a project from Nintendo, which actually the tropics are in the name! Of course, we are talking about the latest installment of the adventures of one of the greatest mascots of the video game industry, i.e. Donkey Kong. The game is not easy and some levels will make you feel irritated instead of relaxing. Nevertheless, the sun usually shines really strong there, and there are boards where you can even start sunbathing.

Just Cause 2

Why this version of all four? Well, I will not lie – subjectively. For me, it was by far the most interesting, and in 2010 it made a big impression with the momentum and possibilities that it offered as a representative of the sandbox genre. The island itself was also impressive in scale. There were mountains, numerous forests, beaches and, of course, huge reservoirs over which we flashed very often.

Tropico 5

The next position is a well-known economic strategy in which we play the role of the leader of a banana republic. The team from Haemimont Games gives us the task of leading a small island country – we are responsible for literally everything (from politics, through economy, to legal issues). Each era brings new challenges, but always in a very hot climate. It is worth giving a chance when boredom takes hold in the evenings.

Dead Island

Maybe something from our backyard? We still can’t wait for the sequel, but the shades of gray outside the window seem like a good option to once again reach for the first installment of the loud zombie game. Although of course some mechanics are already old, is the very resort where we start our adventure, definitely reminiscent of warm holiday trips. Fortunately, we don’t actually have that many undead around …

Pokemon Sun & Moon

Another proposal that is 100% very close to Nintendo fans and pocket creatures. The seventh generation of Pokémon, released on Nintendo 3DS consoles, took us to a truly tropical climate, where completely new species were waiting to be captured and new badges to be won. Everything takes place in the Alola region – if you are strangers, just take a look on the Internet, why it fits perfectly into the subject of the statement.

Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag

For many an unmatched version of Assassin’s Creed to this day in terms of pleasure in communing. Perhaps there is some truth to this, and although for me it does not rank in the first place, it is definitely in the strict top. Moving away from “urban” climates to truly tropical ones turned out to be a really good choice. Some places were flooded with sun – which is always a plus!

Super Mario Sunshine

A classic from Gamecube that you simply can’t miss! Probably the sunniest of all the games and definitely one of those that make you completely relax and cut off just walking through the proposed adventure. In a year’s time we will be celebrating twenty years from our debut and sometimes it is hard to believe – this game still looks very good. And it is similar in terms of the gameplay itself – timeless production, worth playing.

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