A Plague Tale: Requiem is the most anticipated game of October 2022

Also for October 2022 the result is unique, with A Plague Tale: Requiem representing the most awaited game by readers and editors.

We enter the middle of autumn with another month that looks decidedly rich: October brings with it a considerable amount of interesting titles, among which, however, one particular game seems to emerge strongly, namely A Plague Tale: Requiemwhich is stated as most anticipated game of October 2022, both from the editorial staff and from the readers of Multiplayer.it. On the other hand, the thing does not surprise that much: the first chapter of Asobo Studio was a great surprise able to conquer everyone with a particular setting built with care, charismatic characters and an engaging hybrid gameplay, so it is clear how the sequel is now one of the most anticipated games ever this year.

However, there is really everything coming in the coming weeks and October undoubtedly promises to be one of the most interesting months of this 2022, collecting new titles, highly anticipated sequels and various relaunches.

Also from the point of view of the type of productions and the genres themselves, there is a considerable assortment, so there will really be something to have fun in the coming days. After all, this is the start of a period that always promises to be particularly lively for video games, that is the pre-Christmas period: although this year too has been studded with postponements and various delays, from here until the Christmas holidays there will really be many Announcements.

The most awaited by the editorial staff

Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope is one of the most anticipated of October for the editors

Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope is one of the most anticipated of October for the editors

A discrete head-to-head emerged during the internal vote at the editors of Multiplayer.it, although in the end the advantage turned out to be visible, with A Plague Tale: Requiem representing the most anticipated game of October 2022. The new chapter of Asobo’s fascinating historical fantasy adventure is certainly among the most anticipated titles of the year, at least by all those who have had the opportunity to play the first chapter. We can’t wait to find Amicia and Hugo in their medieval world so disturbing but also fascinating, so the result was obvious and the appointment is set for October 18th.

However, the second position has really come a whisker from the finish and it is Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope, actually one of the most important titles for Nintendo Switch, also in this case a second chapter that aims to evolve a base already Great.

From this point of view, the leading couple has several characteristics in common, in hindsight: in both cases they are second chapters of games that have arrived a bit on the sly, but which have then conquered the public and the press, and both try to improve and evolve the basic structures that have already proved to be well thought out, but obviously subject to further additions and enrichments.

Scorn could be an interesting October surprise

Scorn could be an interesting October surprise

In third position there is another Nintendo Switch game, which also this October promises to offer several interesting news: it is Bayonetta 3, the highly anticipated action of PlatinumGames that finally arrives after years of waiting, with the certainty of proposing a another fantastic dose of tight and stylish action.

Speaking of style, immediately outside the podium we find Scorn in fourth position: the game by Ebb Software declaredly inspired by the atmospheres and illustrations of HR Giger is proving to be more and more interesting, becoming clearer and revealing itself as a sort of graphic adventure more that of action or FPS as you might initially think.

The most awaited by readers

Bayonetta 3 is finally coming

Bayonetta 3 is finally coming

Same result as regards the first position in the poll released to Multiplayer.it readers, but everything else looks decidedly different. The most anticipated game of October 2022 also in this case turns out to be A Plague Tale: Requiem, but here the detachment is decidedly sharper than what emerged within the editorial staff. It is evident that in the community there are several fans of Amicia and companions, as it should be, so the wait for the new chapter is at very high levels.

To find the second position you have to go down a bit and in this case we are dealing with Bayonetta 3, another exceptional game coming up during this very rich month. On the other hand, the announcement of the game dates back to 2017, or the year in which Nintendo Switch was released, just to give an idea of ​​the waiting times that have characterized this long journey.

As for the rest, the votes were distributed over a very large number of titles, so it is also difficult to see some games in particular emerge, with the interest distributed equally over a large number of titles.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II is likely to hit the market in October

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II is likely to hit the market in October

The third position, however, belongs to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, destined in fact to be one of the best-selling titles of the year, as always happens. In this case it is a direct sequel to one of the most popular chapters ever for the famous Activision series, so there are also additional reasons for wanting to wait longer than other games.

Immediately outside the podiumbut really a breath away, we find a decidedly enlarged equal-merit: the same percentage of votes went to Scorn, also in this case, in addition to Persona 5 Royal, Gotham Knights and Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope.

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