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A technical school in Gammon (Chubut) assisted other rural schools in the area in building greenhouses with native plants and creating vegetable gardens. At a specialized high school in Villa Allende (Córdoba), students designed aluminum cans as well as Braille signage for the blind and low vision. The students of Gastona Norte (Tucuman) organized the project Teacher’s, with the goal of digital literacy in rural areas. And Rosario High School conducted a human rights investigation with the neighborhood, to delve into local memory.

Just a few of the thousands of school experiences recognized by the President’s Award over two decades Unity School, This is not just another distinction, but a recognition from the nation’s Ministry of Education for educational institutions—of all levels and modalities—that promote cohesive learning experiences.

The award, created in 2003, is intended, in addition to recognition, to highlight the type of experience that “allows students to broaden their learning horizons and commit themselves to the transformation of their community together with other social actors” “

A new opportunity opens up for schools, their teachers and students to share these initiatives with high educational value. Until next July 30, all schools in the country that are developing a solidarity educational experience are invited to participate in the new edition of the President’s Prize. Unity School, All the information and requirements to register on the Education Portal, by clicking here.

integrate learning

What is this award looking for? As explained by the nation’s Ministry of Education, recognize schools “that best integrate students’ curricular learning with solidarity actions aimed at improving the quality of life of their community.” In addition to giving visibility to the work of the teachers guiding these educational proposals.

The 2023 edition of the national distinction is addressed to “all schools run by the state, private or social, at the elementary, primary and secondary levels and all modalities that develop cohesive educational experiences”. The requirement to participate is to present the experience before the National Integration Education Program.

recognition award six first prize one lakh pesos each; five second prize each of seventy thousand pesos and fifty honorable mentions Sixty thousand pesos each.

What is viewed and valued in the educational experiences that schools offer each year? An important point is that the proposals “enable active leadership of youth in social and civic participation.” The second is that experience means “concrete solidarity actions aimed at collaborating in solving community problems, with the community and not just for it.” And also that in the framework of this work, what is learned in the classroom is put into practice and new learning is also promoted.

The initiative – they link to education – “includes guiding all submitted projects through sending technical returns, bibliography suggestions and training materials”.

The Solidarity School Award is based on the National Education Law (26,206), which contains several references to “train students for active citizenship and solidarity values ​​and to promote the realization of service-learning of solidarity educational projects and actions”.

Since its inception, more than 19,000 educational institutions from all over the country have participated in the Escuelas Solidarias Presidential Award and more than 33,000 projects have been submitted.

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