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The misadventures of a young engaged couple that would like to just spend a romantic weekend in the Big Apple. Aired Friday 5 June at 21.15 on Sky Cinema Two and also available on demand on Sky, streaming on NOW TV

Get first showing on Sky Cinema the last film written and directed by Woody Allenthe great new york director who own in the Big Apple has chosen to set his 49th title: “A rainy day in New York” will be aired Friday 5 June at 21.15 on Sky Cinema Twoalso available on demand on Sky, streaming on NOW TV.

A rainy day in New York, the clip

A rainy day in New York city, the plot

A rainy day in New York tells how the two lovers, Gatsby (Timothée Chalamet) and Ashleigh (Elle Fanning), to spend a romantic weekend in New York go up in smoke as soon as the two set foot in the city. The occasion of the journey of the couple comes from a task that is assigned to Ashleigh from the college newspaper: interview in Manhattan, his favorite director, Roland Pollard (Liev Schreiber). By proud new york what it is, Gatsby is anxious to make known to Ashleigh the places you prefer of his city, seeing that she grew up in Arizona, we do not set foot on it from when she was a child.

But plans are made to be changed and thus, Ashleigh does not have time to ask the first question in the Pollard, which he confesses to having lost confidence in himself as an artist and is ready to abandon the shooting of his next film. From his true admirer, Ashleigh urges him not to give up, and reassures him by telling him that his best film is yet to come. Moved by the trust she shows, Pollard invites you to a screening of a work-in-progress of his new film, doing so skip the lunch set with the his Gatsby, who remains disappointed, but also suspicious of how the girl enters into intimacy with the director in such a short time.

While Ashleigh also meets the tormented screenwriter Ted Davidoff (Jude Lawthe famous actor in the american south Francisco Vega (Diego Luna), Gatsby is convinced to play a small role in a film with even one scene where you have to kiss a woman, which is not Chan (Selena Gomez), the younger sister of his ex-girlfriend Amy.

A rainy day in New York, the words of the director

“The characters in the film need that the other be able to see them beyond their physical appearance, for what they have inside,” says Allen. “This is a common thing in our lives. Do you have a crush on someone but no one notices. Certainly, all you see physically, but sometimes you realize that you will not have the impact that it would on some people’s lives”. In addition to New York, even the rain has a central role in the film: “we Wanted that the rain would signify the romance and the love,” continues Allen. “New York is beautiful in the gray days, foggy or even rainy. Buy a dim light and the roads become shiny and clean”. The rain also suggests the ways in which Gatsby and Ashleigh they see life. “Ashleigh thinks that the rain is sad, while Gatsby finds it romantic,” concludes Allen.

A rainy day in New York, the collection New York

On the occasion of the arrival of A rainy day in New York is available on demand on Sky and NOW TV a collection entitled “New York, New York” to revive some of the great stories of cinema set in the Big Apple. Among the titles, “Harry met Sally” with Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal, “Io & Annie” with Diane Keaton, “Spider-Man” with Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst, “Autumn in New York” with Richard Gere and Winona Ryder, “Ghostbusters – Ghostbusters” with Bill Murray and Dan Aykroyd.

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