A rainy day in New York’s Woody Allen weekend film

A rainy day in New York by Woody Allen is the film that we recommend you to see tonight on TV on Rai 3 at 21.20. Because, once again, the director has found the best cinema of him.

A New York City thing […]. You can’t reach the same level of anxiety, hostility or paranoia anywhere else …“. Observe the brilliant and melancholy protagonist (extraordinary Timothée Chalamet) from A rainy day in New York.


woody allen

Timothée Chalamet and Selena Gomez, in Woody Allen’s new movie: A rainy day in New York. Not to be missed

The film not to be missed tonight is the new bittersweet masterpiece of New York director most famous in the world.

Woody Allen: Why shouldn’t you miss his new movie?

Woody Allen is back to his best and, after the “classic” Manhattan (1979) and many other “New York” films, still pays homage to the hometown, the Big Apple.


woody allen

The Italian poster from A rainy day in New York. Also in the cast are: Jude Law, Selena Gomez, Diego Luna, Rebecca Hall, Liev Schreiber

Captures its lights and colors (beautifully captured by Vittorio Storaro). He manages to focus on its postcard beauty, without ever falling into the “postcard” …

But even more, Woody Allen knows how to frame a disenchanted, disillusioned and dissatisfied young alter ego. Unable to adapt to high society masksyet harnessed to the cliché of “daddy’s son” (however clever).

What is the story of Woody Allen’s new film?

That of Gatsby (Chalamet). Already from the name an almost literary character, fiercely out of date and “out of time”, is New Yorker (upperclass) to the core. A true intellectual, eccentric and radical chic.

Great family, great musical tastes (loves Irving Berlin), high IQ, a predisposition for gambling. She smokes (a lot of) cigarettes with a mouthpiece («Cso I will at least delay any carcinoma or emphysema that comes to me …»).

It seems the slightly younger and (slightly more) shrewd version of Gil-Owen Wilson in search of the golden age in the past in Midnight in Paris (2011).

woody allen

Rebecca Hall, Elle Fanning and Jude Law in another scene of the film

He is engaged to pretty college classmate Ashleigh (Elle Fanning), multimillionaire from Arizona. The girl has to do an interview with a well-known director (Liev Schreiber) for the university newspaper.

What should be “their” romantic weekend in his city instead becomes an awareness of the incompatibility and fragility of certain loves, which were assumed to be eternal.

The only “pure” character

The only “pure”, naive and positive character looks like the “misfit” Gatsby (some say he has Asperger’s syndrome). In a world where everyone thinks about their own advantage, Gatsby seems to be the only person with a romantic gaze.

Intelligent, hypersensitive and therefore doubly suffering.

Even the “negative” characters of the film – even the unfaithful film star Francisco Vega (Diego Luna) – they all possess a humanity and at the same time a verisimilitude that we rarely see in the cinema.

woody allen

Selena Gomez and Woody Allen on the film set

It rains on our love

After the noir shadows from The wheel of wonders (2017), Woody Allen’s gaze returns to be both disillusioned and romantic at the same time.

Love seems a beautiful and impossible thing, a torment of loneliness. Men and women always seem attracted to the wrong person, incompatible with each other.

Almost like the Peanuts characters. Gatsby looks a bit like Linus, instead of the blanket the cigarette holder, Jewish humor instead of biblical quotations.

Just like Linus, it is Gatsby who questions the absurdities of the context in which he lives. But also to be blinded by the beauty (of Ashleigh, of New York, of Art….).

A rainy day in New York is a Woody Allen gem. A romantic-melancholy-bitter comedy.

Outstanding and bubbly dialogues, you find continuous (Gatsby’s brother wonders if it is right to marry his partner with an unpleasant laugh), perfect actors.


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