A scandal in the district class. Pikarz brutally attacked Pika Nona

The scandalous situation occurred during the match of the 15th round of the Lublin district class between the teams of MKS Ryki and LKS Stróża. For both teams, this match was extremely important as both teams are fighting to avoid relegation. What’s more, the teams are close to each other in the table, which only increased the emotions.

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A scandal on the pitch in the district class

However, the players from Ryki were much better that day, the best proof of which was their 4: 1 lead. The players from Stróża did not have much to say and they could only afford an honorary goal. The victory of MKS allowed him to have a little more peace before the start of the spring round.

The scandalous events took place in stoppage time. At one point, one of the MKS fans appeared on the pitch and knocked the guest captain Dawid Szczuka down to the ground with a blow to the face. The match was interrupted and the referee wrote in the post-match report that the police and an ambulance had arrived.

The match was verified as a walkover for the guests

The hit player was taken to the hospital by ambulance because he was unable to stand on his own for half an hour after receiving the blow. In the hospital, the footballer had a CT scan. Fortunately, he did not show any serious injuries, so Szczuka was able to go home. The fan who hit the LKS captain could not be caught on the spot.

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The Discipline Department of the Lublin Football Association, which dealt with the settlement of this case, decided that the match was verified as a walkover for the visiting team. As a result, LKS Stróża was promoted to the 10th place in the table. LKS Ryki, in turn, takes 13th place.

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