A sensational comeback is coming? It would be a huge boost for the Polish volleyball team

The employment of Stefano Lavarini as the selector of the Polish national team revived the hopes of the community that the team will return to the world leaders. The chances of this are even greater as Katarzyna Skorupa does not exclude the possibility of re-playing for the national team.

Jacek Pawłowski

Jacek Pawłowski

Katarzyna Skorupa

WP SportoweFakty / Justyna Serafin / In the photo: Katarzyna Skorupa

On Wednesday, we met the successor of Jacek Nawrocki as the coach of the Polish volleyball team. It was Stefano Lavarini. The Italian has never played volleyball, but this does not prevent him from being successful as a coach. With the Minas Tenis team, Clube won the South American Champions League, won the national championship and cup as well as the silver of the World Club Championship. He was promoted to the semi-finals of the Olympic Games with the South Korean national team, eventually taking fourth place.

The experience and successes of the Italian coach made the volleyball community in Poland believe again in the return of the women’s team to the world leaders. For the last time this class was led by Biało-Czerwony in 2007-2008. At that time, Marco Bonitta sat on the coaches’ bench, who at that time had two silver medals at the European Championships and the gold of the World Cup with the Italian national team.

The choice of the Italian coach and the rapidly approaching world championship tournament, which Poland will host, made talks about returning to the national team of the biggest stars started behind the scenes.

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– The national team coach who has been selected is a top coach. The ball is therefore on the side of the players who have to show their best side and willingly come to the national team. We are not just talking about Joanna Wołosz, because the older players should not be weaned either. I believe that all players from the league should be taken into account – said Łukasz Kruk in the program “7 zone” broadcast on Polsat Sport TV.

The list of potential female players includes, among others, Katarzyna Skorupa, who last appeared in the white and red colors in 2012, and three years later officially confirmed the end of her representation career. Sports director of E.Leclerc Moya Radomka Radom admitted that the return of an experienced playmaker cannot be ruled out.

– The competitor showed such willingness. She said that if there is an Italian coach, she does not say no – admitted the sports director of Radomka.

Katarzyna Skorupa is one of the most successful Polish volleyball players. The experienced quarterback’s account includes, among others medals of the Polish championship, silver medal of the World Club Championships, 2 silver and 2 bronze discs of the Champions League, 2 Azerbaijani championship titles, the Italian championship and vice-championship as well as two Italian cups and super cups.

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