A shocking report on used cars. Almost half should not be sold

“PB” reported that “from July 2021, on the Otomoto KLIK platform owned by Carsmile, you can buy a used car that has undergone a thorough technical inspection in accordance with DEKRA and ISO 9001: 2015 standards.” “A car that has been positively verified receives a digital vehicle passportand with it a detailed description of the technical condition. The test includes 120 items and a diagnostic test “- explained.

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The Otomoto KLIK platform has revealed the results of the expertise of the first pool of vehicles tested in Q3 2021. “The results are shocking: as much as 43 percent. the cars were in such a bad technical or legal condition that they did not receive a passport, i.e. they were not allowed for sale. In the case of as much as 15 percent. of them, the insurer stated the total loss. Nevertheless, they were supposed to go to new owners “,” PB “points out.

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