“A son with Damiano dei Maneskin to cure the disease”: Giorgia Soleri furiosa!

Giorgia Soleri, the girlfriend of Damiano David of the Maneskin, on a rampage. The influencer and model told on Instagram the latest story that saw her as a protagonist and that made her very angry. “I’ve been again victim of gaslighting, disinformation (and psychological violence, I would add) from a doctor (what a spoiler: he’s not even my doctor, so he doesn’t know my medical history) urgently needing a medical certificate attesting to my (un) health status for some work commitments that I had to cancel or extend “the young woman said to her numerous followers.

Giorgia Soleri’s outburst

“I called a private general practitioner to visit me (my doctor is still in Milan, long story) to prescribe me a therapy and to give me this blessed certificate”, added Giorgia, who for a few days has had to deal with acute pharyngitis and lariginte. Soleri then continued: “I told the doctor that I have more than one chronic condition for which I take several drugs including antiepileptics, antidepressants and muscle relaxants. Both oral, vaginal and anal. And I added that while I am slightly better. I’ve been taking opioids lately as needed due to chronic pain. I did it to find out if any of these drugs could have some kind of interaction with the ones I take on a daily basis ”.

Damiano dei Maneskin in the Chamber for a new battle

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Damiano dei Maneskin in the Chamber for a new battle

An inappropriate question

“When I nominated endometriosis – said Damiano dei’s girlfriend Maneskin My partner and I were told that he was present: ‘But did you know that the cure for endometriosis is pregnancy? You should have a baby right away‘”. Giorgia vented by saying that this advice was given to her without fully knowing her medical history and possible problems of sub-infertility or infertility. And so she pointed out: “Pregnancy doesn’t cure anything. We repeat it again: there is no cure for endometriosis. And if it is said by a doctor (not even specialized) that he sees me for the first time and is called for problems of a completely different type, the only thing that comes to me to say: ‘Who does the f *** his, lives 100 years’ “. Soleri also said she responded to the doctor with a “It is not true”while Damiano underlined: “There is no cure”.

Sanremo 2022: Damiano dei Maneskin in tears on stage

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Sanremo 2022: Damiano dei Maneskin in tears on stage

Giorgia Soleri’s appeal

I cannot put into words the humiliation, the frustration, the anger generated by those words. Tears filled my eyes and my throat closed. If you cannot listen, understand, empathize, support, do us a favor: shut up “he concluded, rather tried, Giorgia Soleri.

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