A stage triumph for Poles. The judges changed the time!

The next day of the Dakar Rally is behind us and, as it turned out, we can once again enjoy the stage triumph of the white and reds. Our players in the SSV class have reasons to be happy.

Giemza returns to form

Maciej Giemza presented a steady pace today, which resulted in the twentieth position. The ORLEN Team motorcyclist lost over 23 minutes to the fastest. Konrad Dąbrowski lost more than 46 minutes and was 46.

In the classification after two stages, Maciej Giemza is 37 minutes behind his compatriot. Konrad Dąbrowski is over fifteen minutes behind his compatriot and is in a lower position.

Kamil Wiśniewski started sixth today in the quad competition and appeared in the split times at the fortieth and eighty kilometers. Later, both the GPS system and the time measurement indicated that the ORLEN Team rider had stopped on the route of the section. Fortunately, it turned out that only the GPS system had failed and the Pole probably completed today’s test. Wiśniewski reached the finish line with the fifth result, twelve minutes behind the best. In the general classification he is fifth, 29 minutes and 11 seconds behind.

Second ten among cars

Jakub Przygoński and Martin Prokop presented a steady pace today, but it did not allow me to fight with the best. The Pole was classified fifteenth, but only 21 minutes behind the fastest. The Czech came in twentieth place. He was less than five minutes away from his team mate. Martin Prokop fell to sixth place in the overall standings, but is only four minutes short of the podium. Kuba Przygoński is ninth, almost an hour behind the best.

In the field of trucks, both Poles have probably completed the stage. Darek Rodewald with his team was sixth, and Bartłomiej Boba with his team was nineteenth. After two episodes, they are sixth and 26th, respectively.

Award-winning fair play

When it seemed that the Polish domination in the SSV class would be broken, it turned out that the judges had corrected the times. Michał Goczał and Szymon Gospodarczyk were originally placed third, but as it turned out at the end of the episode, they helped Andreas Mikkelsen, who rolled over. The judges noticed the gesture of the Poles and corrected their time, which gave them a stage triumph!

Marek Goczał and Łukasz Łaskawiec were classified in ninth position. Aron Domżała and Maciej Marton, after a failure at the end of the episode, had to come to terms with a loss of over 40 minutes and 21st position.

After two stages, Goczał and Gospodarczyk are second in the competition, Domżała with Marton in the sixth position, and Goczał with Łaskawiec in the eighth position.

Places of Poles and Polish teams after the second stage of the Dakar Rally

37. Maciej Giemza +1: 20: 54
38. Konrad Dąbrowski +1: 36: 13

5. Kamil Wiśniewski +26: 11

6. Martin Prokop / Wiktor Chytka +44: 53
9. Kuba Przygoński / Timo Gottschalk +59: 21

2. Michał Goczał / Szymon Gospodarczyk +1: 52
6. Aron Domżała / Maciej Marton +39: 59
8. Marek Goczał / Łukasz Łaskawiec +1: 09: 04

6. van Kasteren / Snijders / Rodewald +45: 37
28. Vratny / Boba / Martinec +29: 34: 32

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