A strange change on Google Play. I do not like it

To clarify: at this point, everything seems to indicate that the solution you are about to read about has been tested only for some users and may not stay with us permanently. In my opinion, however, you should look at Google even more now, because its actions may harm our wallets.

Google Play hides the last update date from users

The problem with the invisibility of key information has been reported by reddit users. I checked at home and actually & hairsp; – & hairsp; Google messed up something.

When I open a tab for an app that I have installed on my phone, I can see the last update date and changelog.

However, when I look at an app card that I do not have installed, the information about the last date is hidden. I only see the day the first version of the program was released.

For now, this change seems to affect only some users and only the Play Store on smartphones. The desktop version includes a complete set of details. Still.

This minor change to the Play Store can be very harmful to users

The first apps landed on the Play Store (initially known as the Android Market) in 2008. In the world of technology, 13 years is forever.

In Google Play resources you can find thousands of programs published by people who have not been programming for a long time or… are dead. Such games and applications have now been completely abandoned.

When I download or buy an app, the last update date is an important selection criterion for me. If I see that the program hasn’t been updated in 4 years, I have good reason to believe that it will never be again. And this may mean that it will look bad on newer smartphones or that it will stop working at all in a moment.

In new versions of Android, there are often new features that may be used by external applications or new design guidelines. It’s just wise to pick programs that have yet to be abandoned. And Google apparently wants to make it harder for you to make informed choices.

Conspiracy theory: This way Google wants to motivate customers to spend money on applications

Some time ago I wanted to buy GTA III for the phone. However, I looked at the Play Store and noticed that the game still costs over PLN 20, and it has not been updated for a long time. And since it hasn’t been updated for a long time, I had reason to believe it would look bad on the ultra-wide screens of modern smartphones. And it is indeed so.

Therefore, information about the last update date helps to save money. And & hairsp; – & hairsp; perhaps & hairsp; – & hairsp; this is just beginning to be a problem for Google. That a large part of his store’s resources are abandoned games and programs that no one wants.

From the user’s point of view, however, this is a shameful action, because it hinders conscious purchasing decisions. So I hope Google will back down from this idea.

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