A teenager hacked 20 Tesla, he still has access to them

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January 13, 2022, 13:17

The teenager got remote access to over twenty Tesla cars, and blames the owners themselves. He can now see the precise location of cars and control windows or multimedia.

David Columbo, a nineteen-year-old dealing with cybersecurity, announced on Twitter that he had obtained remote access to Tesla’s cars. The teenager claims to have full remote control of about 25 cars from thirteen countries. The owners apparently have no idea about it. How he managed to do it remains a mystery for now? the hacker wants to report the vulnerability to the nonprofit Miter first. Columbo also admits that this is not a bug on the part of Tesla’s software, and more the fault of car owners.

Tesla remote access is not a remote control ?? a person with a back gate cannot take full control of the car, but only open the windows, play music or, as David recalls, to use the famous rickroll. The gap also allows for the precise location of each car and unlocking the door. Therefore, theft also comes into play, if the person with access would be nearby. Tesla’s security team notified the hacker that it is already investigating the matter.

Although the whole situation is by no means Tesla’s fault, it is possible that it will have an impact on the company’s image. First of all, it may affect the autonomous driving mode, which is still being tested.

Teenager hacked 20 Tesla, still has access to them - illustration # 1

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