A week from God, so the public really tried to contact God

A week from God is the film that airs tonight at 11.35 pm on Nove and which represents one of the high points in the comic career of Jim Carrey, an actor capable of ranging from zany to dramatic tones. Released in theaters in 2003 A week from god is directed by Tom Shadyac, a director who had previously collaborated with the protagonist in Ace Ventura – The pet catcher And Liar Liar. The film was so successful that it led to the production of a spinoff titled A feat from God and centered on a minor character from the main film.

A week from God, the plot

Bruce Nolan (Jim Carrey) is a man with a relatively quiet life who, however, harbors a long series of ambitions that often remain unsatisfactory. When Bruce, who works as a costume reporter for a local TV, loses the promotion he was hoping for in favor of rival Evan (Steve Carrell), something in him breaks. Man feels himself being targeted by the High Spheres, the target of an evil and avenging God, who according to him rejoices in screwing up his plans. Comrade Grace’s consoling words are of no use (Jennifer Aniston) who would like Bruce to understand how special he is just the way he is. One evening, following a bad car accident, Bruce finds himself in the presence of God himself (Morgan Freeman) who, tired of being held up as the cruel responsible for Bruce’s accidents, grants him full control of his powers. For a whole week Bruce will have the opportunity to “play” at being God. At first the man uses those powers to try to get everything he wants, including a healthy dose of revenge. But soon the ambition and power begin to erode Bruce, who will have to understand what are the things that really matter in life.

In search of God

A week from God is a comedy that has achieved international success for its ability to project an individual feeling that is common to many human beings. When things go wrong, when you can’t get what you have long wanted, you often have a tendency to feel like you are at the center of some sort of “superior conspiracy”, a kind of hellish circle where bad things happen. always to us and not to others. By playing on just that status quo the director brought to the screen a condition shared by many viewers to create a universal story that could convey a positive message: often the human being is so focused on looking at things that don’t work in his life that he is unable to appreciate what positively characterizes its existence. Bruce follows a path like this: at first he is a dissatisfied man, who feels bullied by God in person. A man who must learn to enjoy the little things that are the very foundation of happiness.

The fact that A week from God you play on a feeling shared by many is demonstrated by a strange incident that happened after the film was released in theaters. Within the film several times a telephone number is named by Bruce with which, in the end, God manages to get in touch with him. As you can read on the website ofInternet Movie Data Base for A week from God the fictitious prefix 555 was not used – which is one of the clichés of Hollywood films – but a number with a real prefix, valid in many areas of the United States. The owner of that phone number began to be harassed by constant phone calls from people expressing a desire to talk to God and perhaps ask for an explanation for everything that went wrong in their lives. For this reason the production chose, for the vhs and dvd release of thehome video, to change the number to 555-0123. Despite this, the subsequent owners of the first number used – first a radio station then a Florida woman – continued to receive calls from people who wanted to speak to God. IMDBthe production chose to buy the phone numbers used in the film to put an end to any communication problems.

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