Abortion: US changes legislation and withdraws women’s rights after 50 years

This Friday (24), the United States Supreme Court overturned the historic decision, called “Roe vs. Wade”, from the 1970s, by six votes to three. Last month, a leaked draft already advanced that this would be the path taken by the group – which caused many protests on the part of famous internationals.

The 1973 “Roe against Wade” decision was decisive in women’s struggle for the right to their own bodies and guaranteed that all had the possibility of having an abortion, within the period provided by law, regardless of the decision taken by governors and regional agents. .

Understand what changes in the law and check out the reaction of celebrities, Michelle Obama to Taylor Swift. See also how pro-choice companies and groups are organizing to protect all women in the United States.

What changes in abortion law in the United States?

The fall of the “Roe v. Wade” decision does not necessarily mean that abortion will be banned in the United States. However, now a woman who lives in a conservative state can be prevented from performing the procedure – without any defense from the federal government.

Texas, for example, known for its lack of regulation on the purchase and possession of guns, has already said that it plans to ban abortion in the state’s territory. In the new reality, American women who have the financial means to travel to the place where abortion will remain legal will be able to maintain the right to choose. On the other hand, there will be no support for the poorest, who will have to submit to the state decision.

In addition to Texas, Wyoming, Tennessee and South Carolina have also shown a tendency towards prohibition. On the other hand, California, New Mexico and Michigan have announced that they will guarantee the right to abortion by law in their territory.

The news comes at a time when termination of pregnancy is also a hot topic in Brazil, when it was revealed by The Intercept that an 11-year-old girl was meeting resistance to having an abortion after being raped. It’s a very difficult time for women all over the world.

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