About Fate – The choice of destiny, the review of the Prime Video movie to see on New Year’s Eve

Now that Christmas is behind us, we are all waiting for the New Year’s celebrations, to greet this 2022 which – in terms of films and TV series – has certainly not been stingy with interesting titles.

So, if you’re searching Prime Video for a movie to celebrate the New Year that will put you in the mood, perhaps you should consider watching, on New Year’s Eve or earlier, The choice of fate (original title About Fate), romantic comedy with Emma Roberts (granddaughter of the diva Julia, and that you may have seen in American Horror Story) and Thomas Mann, who is not a relative of the famous writer of the same name.

In this review we briefly summarize the plot of the film, without spoilers, and then explain how and why, in our opinion, The choice of fate is the right film to see on New Year’s Eve.

What is “Choosing Destiny” about?

The film (which is a remake of a 1976 Soviet film called The irony of fate, or Good sauna!) starts on December 30th. On one side of the city, in a residential complex, Margot wakes up convinced that her boyfriend will make her a marriage proposal that evening, which will allow her not to be the one they ask, “And when do you get engaged?” at her sister’s wedding scheduled for New Year’s Eve.

In another part of the city, in a residential complex very similar to the previous one, Griffin wakes up knowing that that evening he will propose to his girlfriend, in the same place where his father and grandfather proposed before him. wedding to future wives on the evening of December 30th.

And so, that night, in this kind of pub-restaurant called Bellingan’s, we see Margot and Griffin having what could be one of the most exciting nights of their lives. Only… no, we won’t tell you anything else so as not to spoil the surprise, we just tell you to watch the trailer of this film if you want to know more.

Why see “Choosing Destiny” on New Year’s Eve

About fairies is the classic romantic film about destiny guiding love. On signs, on coincidences, on love at first sight, on misunderstandings, in short, on all those things that one expects in a film of this kind.

To the classic “repertoire” of love comedies, however, here are added a couple of not bad gimmicks, which make The choice of fate less predictable than average, as well as more enjoyable.

Then, we’re not talking about a film that will make the history of this film genre like Love Actually or Bridget Jones’s diarybut if you’re looking for a movie that keeps you company (and maybe even sigh here and there) during a romantic New Year’s dinner, well then it’s definitely the right choice.

Score: 7

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