Absurd! Emreli’s lawyer accuses Legia. “There was a football club behind the beating” Pi³ka Nożna

The future of Mahir Emreli in Legia appears to be a doomed one. A few days ago it was announced that the footballer wants to terminate the contract with the club and will not fly to the training camp in Dubai. According to the Legia authorities, Azer thus broke the rules of the contract in force. The footballer, however, does not intend to change his mind, and there have been information in the media that Turkish tycoons are interested in him.

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Emreli’s lawyer reveals the backstage of the current dispute: Mahir is not negotiating with any club.

A lot of details about the player’s situation were revealed by his lawyer Anil Dicner, who revealed that the player did not come to the club because it would be risky for his life. – They thought we were looking for a different club and that’s why Mahir doesn’t want to train in Legia. There is a variety of news in the press. Mahir is not negotiating with any club, however. He is still a player of Legia and will not meet any team until the contract is mutually or unilaterally terminated. We told Legia that we wanted to solve this problem by mutual consent. We informed the club that we could unilaterally terminate the contract and that we had the necessary documents. The first is the doctor’s opinion obtained in Poland in the case of a beating, and the second is the psychologist’s opinion obtained in Turkey, according to which the player will not be able to concentrate on football and will not return to Poland. The most important thing is to prove it – he said in an interview with report.az.

Racism, Legia Initiative … Who is behind the attack on Emreli? Shocking accusations against Polish champions

Dincer, however, fuels the atmosphere around the dispute, accusing Legia and the police of not fulfilling their duties during the attack of hooligans on the bus with Legia players. – I asked the club a question: how was it possible to stop a bus escorted by the police? The police have guns, after all, and they can prevent it. But nothing was done, only looked. Second, who opened the bus door? Fans could easily enter it and hit the players. Besides, Mahir was sitting in seat number 16, which is in the back. Why did the fans do nothing to the players in the front rows, but hit Emreli and Luquinhas, who were sitting further away? And why did they attack two foreigners and did nothing to Polish footballers? What would happen if they came in with a knife? – he said.

Marek Papszun for the first time about why he did not go to Legia. Marek Papszun for the first time about why he did not go to Legia. “I have my thoughts”

There was also a hypothesis in the conversation that the club could have been in favor of the incident that took place after the match with Wisła Płock. – We do not have concrete evidence in this regard. But the course of events gives rise to supposing so. The police say she wasn’t there, the club said otherwise. Both sides blame each other. […] Unfortunately, I also think that this action was organized by the club. Why? The history of Legia is dark. Fans go to the Netherlands and attack Ajax fans, hurt the English police during a match against Leicester. In addition, they enter the club’s premises and attack the assistant coach and players. That’s not the first time. Such a system has been established between the club and the fans. Someone has to teach the Legia leadership. No one from the club has spoken since the last incident. This is what influences Mahir the most. He says he gave his all, is the team’s best player, but no one reacted on the bus during the incident. It is also required by courage, masculinity and team spirit, he commented.

These words, however, are not the end of Dicner’s theory, according to which the attack could also be racist. – In my opinion, the reason is the recent increase in racism in Poland. Both of them are attacked by foreigners. Maybe there is some reluctance or a hidden reason, he said.

Cristian Ganea, a footballer of Aris Salonika, who is interested in Legia Warsaw.  Source: https: //twitter.com/HellasFooty/status/1294382400512724992/photo/1Legia wants an eight-time representative of the country. Advanced conversations

In response, the journalist asked if it could be an Armenian provocation (Azerbaijan and Armenia have been in conflict for years – editor’s note). – It may be, but I’m not 100 percent sure. Growing racism against foreigners in Europe can also play a role. Maybe it happened because he is a Muslim – he replied.

Azeri representatives demanded an apology from the Legion. “Mahir’s return to Poland is not currently discussed”

According to the player’s lawyer, the matter may be clarified later this week. Everything will depend on whether the contract is terminated or not. – We are still going to solve this problem by mutual agreement with the club. I would like Legia to apologize to us and to stand behind the player. Or he would agree to terminate the contract at our first request. Mahir’s return to Poland is not currently under discussion – he noted and added that there is no possibility for the footballer to remain without a club until summer.

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