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L’acceleration of the earth’s rotation it worries scientists and not a little. Since 2016, the rotation of our planet has been constantly monitored due to a rapid acceleration that could have important consequences on everyday life. For example, last June 29 we experienced the shortest day ever, or at least since atomic clocks have been measuring time since the 1960s. Midnight arrived 1.59 milliseconds early.

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And this is part of the effects of the acceleration of the Earth’s rotation. Scientists have failed to explain the reasons for this sudden change. There are several causes that are put on the study table. From the Niña to the influence of the Moon on the tides, from the melting of the ice caps to the motions of the inner core, he explains The Courier. But the root cause is traced back to “Chandler wobble”, “Oscillation of ChandleR”, or those oscillations due to the imperfect sphericity of the Earth that have the effect of cyclical displacement of the global rotation axis of 3-4 meters from the North Pole. And somewhere the idea of ​​taking a second away from our clocks to align time with the new speed of the Earth begins to emerge, it is a matter of intervening on the “leap seconds”.

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A move that worries and not a little the big names in information technology such as for example Half: “As a sector – the Menlo Park experts wrote -, we encounter problems every time a leap second is introduced. And because it is such a rare event, it devastates the community every time it happens. Consequently, as the impact of a negative leap second has never been tested on a large scale, this could have a devastating effect on software that rely on timers or scheduling tools. And in any case, each leap second is a great source of pain for those managing hardware infrastructures. “. A new millennium bug it could be around the corner.

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