According to Kim Kardashian, Pete Davidson is “super sexy”. But that’s not what turns her on the most!

For several weeks now, many people have been wondering what Kim Kardashian sees in her new boyfriend, Pete Davidson. According to the celebrity, the comedian is “super sexy”, but apart from that, she is attracted to something else …

“What does she see in him?” – a question that returns in the comments not only with Kim Kardashian. Similar reactions could be read in the comments on social media also in the case of the comedian’s previous relationships, for example with Ariana Grande.

We have no idea what the latter saw in Pete Davidson, but we already know what Kanye West’s wife sees in him!

About the case, among others, Entertainment Tonight. Sources cited by the magazine claim that the celebrity thinks her new boyfriend is “super sexy”. But this is not its only advantage.

Kim is having a great time with Pete. He makes her laugh and amuses her because he has a great sense of humor.

It is very nice for Kim to be with him. He knows how to talk to her. He’s a very confident guy, but he’s not cocky at the same time.

Kim thinks Pete is super sexy and she loves the way he knows comedy so much

– reports an informant from the couple’s surroundings.

After Kanye West’s mood swings, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Kim wanted to be with someone fun and laid-back for a change. The only question is whether this is a connection with the future or maybe just a temporary springboard to improve the mood. What do you think?

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