Planet 9

Planet9 is an open community that allows players to build their own team, train and compete for victory: these are the first details revealed during the Next @ Acer conference.

During the global conference, Next @ Acer was presented Planet9, the next generation eSport platform. It is an open community, which allows players to build a team and train consistently. It is currently in a closed beta phase, while the start of the open beta is set for January 30, 2020.

“Planet9 is a next-generation eSport platform that offers what competitive and occasional players need to level up and participate in eSports below the professional level,” said Andrew Chuang, General Manager, Esports Services, IT Products Business, Acer Inc. “Built on the strength of Acer in hardware, software, and services, Planet9 will be a source of insights to complete the preparation of players around the world.”

Further information on the official release:

Planet9 opens the world of eSports to amateur and occasional players, allowing them to learn from professionals, to understand their strengths and weaknesses, to connect with other community players and to participate in online tournaments.

Build your team

The pillars of Planet9 are the characteristics of its community, which allows players to meet and unite with other players on the same path. Participants can add friends, play with users of the same level and receive information on games or particular skills. Functions like a chat room and the sharing of game tactics are available to the teams, to allow the group to bond and learn from each other.

Train for excellence

Planet9 offers a series of tools to help players improve their skills, such as hiring a coach to be a personal guide, playing with veterans, spending a few more hours with friends of a similar level, or consulting advanced game statistics to monitor its performance.

  • Coach: the Coach function allows players to learn from professional and experienced players. Gamers can select their ideal coach based on game statistics, language, rating, and hourly rate. The coaches can review the student’s game statistics to create a personalized course, enriched with features such as screen sharing, video/voice chat and VOD uploads to reproduce the steps that need to be perfected.
  • Carry: players can collaborate with players similar to them to level up while learning and improving their skills along the way. Hosts can post their live streaming on Twitch or YouTube to attract other players and fans, to collaborate with them for a carry session.
  • Game statistics: All game statistics of each player are collected in a dashboard with an attractive and easy to read visual interface. The data on victories, defeats, killings, deaths, purchased items, gold farms, etc., are useful to let the player meet his ideal coach and offer ideas on ways to improve.
  • Scrims: Planet9 offers interesting competitions to practice or challenge each other on the battlefields – both with your own clan (team) and with the tribe (composed of several clans). The Clan Scrims feature allows clans to request a scrim challenge against other clans, while the Tribe Wars feature allows tribes to participate in vast competitions organized every week to cash in bonuses and benefits on Planet9.

Victory Challenges

Planet9 can host small and large-scale, sponsored or official tournaments, which can lead to fame, glory, and prizes. The platform associates players of a similar level to matches or tournaments in order to guarantee fair competition. When enough wins are accumulated, gifts and prizes can be redeemed.

Players wishing to participate in the closed beta can register on starting at 13:30 on September 4th, 2019.

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