‘Acorda Pedrinho’, hit by Jovem Dionísio, enters Spotfy’s Top 50 Global, displacing Drake

The hit ‘”Wake up Pedrinho“, by the band Jovem Dionísio, entered the Top 50 Global Spotify, which lists the most listened to hits, daily, on the planet through the platform. It is in 46th place, three ahead of Canadian rapper Drake’s ‘Wait for U’ and four behind Anitta’s ‘Envolver’. The song, which talks about the sleeper Pedrinho, a character who frequents Bar do Dionísio, in Curitiba, has been growing by word of mouth, establishing itself as a digital phenomenon also from Tik Tok.

The Curitiba-based band Jovem Dionísio, responsible for the hit 'Acorda Pedrinho' (Photo: Disclosure)

The Curitiba-based band Jovem Dionísio, responsible for the hit ‘Acorda Pedrinho’ (Photo: Disclosure)

The bar where it all started and which even inspired the name of the musical group, has already begun to reap the rewards of fame. For starters, Lanchonete Aquarius, which became Bar do Dionísio in reference to the owner of the establishment, Dionisio Macioski, has become one of the most famous tourist spots in Curitiba.

– People from Rio, São Paulo and Belo Horizonte have come to take pictures here – says Camila Ederman, Dionisio’s daughter. – Some go in, have a beer and watch a soap opera, others; they just pose for a photo in front of the bar.

Both Dionisio and Pedrinho, the sleeper who inspired the song, are happy as hell.

– The affection we are receiving from the public is priceless, it even comes to children – Dionisio gets emotional.

But Camila adds that the duo didn’t let success go to their heads.

“They’re all happy, but they don’t really know what’s going on,” she says. – They take pictures with everyone, but they live life normally, doing their little things. At the time of recording for “Fantástico”, my father even stopped in the middle to go to the bank.

Located in the district of Juvevê, between the Central and Northern areas of Curitiba, Lanchonete Aquarius has existed since 1993, when Dionisio and his wife, Elizabeth Ederman, transformed the family’s old plaster shop into a bar.

The friendliness of the owner made the place better known by its name. Now, with the hit, the establishment began to receive about 5,000 daily visits to its Instagram profile, where the number of followers rose from 100 to 700.

A curiosity: in October of last year, Dionisio had Covid and almost couldn’t escape. He spent days in the ICU, but managed to recover in time to see the success up close.

How did the hit come about?
Assiduous regulars at the bar since college, musicians Bernardo Pasquali, Rafael Duna, Gabriel Mendes, Bernardo Hey and Gustavo Karam decided to name the band in honor of the place.

It was there where they met Pedrinho, a man who has been a customer of the bar for over 20 years. And that he has the habit of taking a few naps there between one beer and another. He is also an enthusiast of the snooker matches that take place at Dionisio, always participating in the tournaments that are organized among the regulars of the place when, of course, he is awake to do so. Hence the inspiration for the chorus of the song which already has over 3.2 million views on YouTube and over 11 million streams on Spotify.

– Pedrinho drinks one or two beers and starts snoring. It’s his nature. It’s not new, it’s always been that way – says Dionisio.

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