Acqui Terme – Saturday 2 July at Villa Ottolenghi the award ceremony for the Acqui Ambiente Award

Great expectation Saturday 2 Julyin the prestigious setting of Villa Ottolenghi for the award ceremony of the Acqui Ambiente Award, now in its fourteenth edition, which will be held at 17.00 in the space in front of the famous Temple of Herta and will be conducted by the well-known Italian TV presenter, blogger and environmentalist, Tessa Gelisioawarded the Witness of the Environment award in the year 2021, whose ecological sensitivity has deeply determined her professional choices and her lifestyle.

A ceremony full of novelties and interventions diversified in kind and form will welcome the winners, with an alternation of innovative proposals.

The Jury wanted to award which one “Witness of the Environment” a prominent personality who, in his career, has proved to be particularly sensitive to the issue of the environment: Licia Colò, host of successful programs, television author, writer and blogger, known to the general public as a presenter of travel programs and for her scientific dissemination activities. The presenter will receive a prestigious award, made for the occasion by M ° Alzek Misheffpainter and musician, multifaceted artist of international importance who, due to his peculiar personal career, is considered an important cultural reference.

Two exceptional personalities are preparing to receive the other highest recognition of the Award, named after Ken Saro Wiwa: Arch. Gianfranco Pagherafounder of the Paghera Group, made up of landscape architects and architects, protagonists of complex interventions of recovery and territorial transformation and the Professor Marco Simonetti together with post-doc Vincenzo Gentile which belong to the research group of the Polytechnic of Turin, from which the Aquaseek project was born, which is part of the theme of recovering the humidity present in the atmosphere in order to use it as drinking water. The two winners will be awarded two prizes that intend to recall the link to the territory and the environment, one created by Guido Perinablacksmith-artist, creator of iron flamingos, primitive men and sculptures, as well as some giant benches that shore up the Langhe, in collaboration with the professor Vittorio Zittithe other give it students of the 2nd class of the Liceo Artistico Parodi who modeled an all-round sculpture in glazed ceramic, entitled “The future is in our hands”, during their training in Plastic and Sculptural Disciplines.

To all those who took part in this important event, granting the fruit of their experience in the realization of the prizes, the administration is thanked.

Ex aequo winners of the XIV edition, for the printed works section were results Beppe Conti with volume Legendary Dolomites. From 1937 to today published by Reverdito And Antonello Provenzale with volume Crocodiles at the North Pole and ice at the Equator. History of the Earth’s climate from its origins to the present day published by Rizzoli.

A mention will go to the Authors Coralie Bickford-Smith for the opera The earthworm and the starling published by Salani Editore, Lisa Casali for the opera The Green Consumer Dilemma published by Gribaudo, Fabio Genovesi for the opera The giant squid published by Feltrinelli e Eliana Liotta for the opera The food that will save us. The ecological turning point at the table to help the planet and healthpublished by La nave di Teseo.

In consideration of the particular significance that the presence of this Award has in the Acquese reality, as it started from the celebration of the struggle of the inhabitants of the Bormida valley against the pollution of the river caused by ACNA, whose plant is located in Cengio, in the province of Savona, we wanted to dedicate a moment of the ceremony to the testimony that they will kindly offer us the professor Luigi Vallebonaauthor of the volume Cast black. A story in the time of Acnapublished by De Ferrari Editore, who will be interviewed by the host together with Prof. Bruno Bruna, school director and one of the historical leaders of the Association for the Rebirth of the Bormida Valley.

The ceremony also includes the exceptional intervention of Roberta Castiglionizoologist naturalist, member of the Board of Directors of the Italian Society of Natural Sciences (SISN) and owner of DARWIN Research and Naturalistic Dissemination which will deal with the most burning environmental issues.

On the occasion of the ceremony, the public will also have the opportunity to appreciate a project by Maurizio Cabona and Alberto Olivathe latter the director who adapted and directed thetheatrical performance, made in collaboration with Open scenario, based on the novel by Jack London “The Scarlet Plague”which tells, through the memory of one of the very few survivors, a disease that made the world population extinguish around 2020, starring Alice Arcuri.

Also this year the Dr. Silvia Invernizzi will grant Villa Ottolenghi as the venue for the ceremony, making available one of the most prestigious areas of the Villa, the area in front of the Mausoleum, today the “Temple of Herta”. Majestic and looming, the circular construction in Candoglia marble exceeds 20 meters in height and 18 in diameter. The Portal, a monumental work of the Masters Ernesto and Mario Ferrari for artistic and mechanical processing, weighing 20 quintals, is a prelude to the 700 square meters of the encaustic frescoes by Ferruccio Ferrazzi, Academic of Italy, (together with Guglielmo Marconi, Filippo Tommaso Marinetti, Giovanni Gentile, Gabriele D’Annunzio) and to the mosaics on the Apocalypse, from cartoons by the same painter and made by the mosaic school of Ravenna and the Vatican City. The large park, designed by the landscape architect Pietro Porcinai, which surrounds the imposing building was baptized by the Ottolenghi counts “Heaven on earth” and hosted sculptures by Arturo Martini, such as Tobiolo, the two versions of “Adam and Eve ”,“ The lion of Monterosso ”, which overlooked the entrance to the Temple and the two lions-chimeras of Etruscan-Assyrian Babylonian inspiration. For the occasion the Dr. Silvia Invernizziowner of Villa Ottolenghi, has decided to offer the Acqui Ambiente public the possibility of visit the Mausoleum with the help of guides prepared that will illustrate the splendid mosaics and frescoes of the Temple starting at 2.30 pm.

A free shuttle servicewhich will shuttle between Piazza Levi (Town Hall) and Villa Ottolenghi – Temple of Herta (in Monterosso) starting from 2.00 pm. Villa Ottolenghi also has a large free car park, which will be available to those present on Saturday.

At the end of the ceremony, in the splendid setting of the park of the Temple of Herta, the audience will be offered a cocktail accompanied by the gastronomy of the Acquese tradition and local wines.

The Acqui Ambiente Awards got the sponsored by the Ministry of Ecological Transition, of the Ministry of Culture, of the Piedmont Region and the Province of Alessandria and is supported by the promoters the Cassa di Risparmio di Alessandria Foundationthe Turin Savings Bank Foundation and the Municipality of Acqui Terme, which is responsible for the concrete organization of the event. It is also supported by: National Tax Institute, CTE Costruzioni Tecno Elettriche Spa, Benzi Group, Pregis SpA, Cuvage SpA, Brachetto d’Acqui Protection Consortium.

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