Acquisition of scooters and electric bicycles on the market. “This trend cannot be stopped”

VoltScooters is an operator of electric scooters in the sharing formula. About 70 thousand people use its services. active users. The fleet of electric scooters consists of 700 devices, both in the own network and in the franchisees’ network.

– So far, scooter sharing systems have been available only in large cities. Market trends clearly show that microelectromobility is the future of urban transport not only in metropolises. Volt Scooters’ strategy, based on expansion in poviat towns and foreign markets, has, in our opinion, a very large growth potential – comments Zbigniew Zaborowski from VoltScooters, quoted in the release.

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Micromobility. The demand for electric bikes and scooters is growing

This trend cannot be stopped. 60 percent the daily journeys of Europeans are within 8 km; and at such distances, electric two-wheelers are unrivaled. In 2030, 17 million such vehicles will be sold in the EU countries. We want TrybEco to have a solid share in this market cake – says Łukasz Blichewicz, president of the Assay Group, which is one of TrybEco’s shareholders and acts as an intermediary in obtaining the second round of financing by the company.

The company forecasts that in 2026 the share of electric two-wheelers in the bicycle market worth PLN 5.5 billion will reach 30 percent. – In the years 2020-2026, we plan an increase in the range of 25-50 percent. annually, with a market growth of 50 percent. This means that dby 2026 we will sell 15 thousand. units of hybrid electric bikes per year and we will increase our revenue at least threefold. We will be able to achieve such results with the acquisition of 1-2 percent. the Polish market and the region of Central and Eastern Europe – comments Marcin Szymczak, Director of TrybEco.


The acquisition of VoltScooters is to enable TrybEco to offer rental per minute not only of electric scooters, but also of its own production of scooters and electric bikes.


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