‘Acting and directing? It’s uncomfortable for women!’

Among colleagues, as we know, it is always good to discuss: when it came to engaging in the dual role of actress and director, Olivia Wilde he therefore asked the advice of a Bradley Cooper who can boast a certain experience in this sense, having gathered applause everywhere with his A Star is Born. But will they have been really useful advice?

Not too much, at least according to Wilde’s words: according to the director, who recently returned to being proud of Don’t Worry Darling, in praising the opportunity to directing and acting at the same time Bradley Cooper would have guilty of forgetting the discomfort of most of the women’s clothes worn on the set.

Bradley Cooper it was a great encouragement. He told me, ‘It’s going to be great to be able to direct from center stage.’ But once I started I realized all these men did it wearing comfortable shoes, but I had to do it wearing a fucking bustier and heels and a wig the whole time. They would come to me all the time to do some necessary tweaking, but I was like, ‘I need to get to the monitor.’ It was really hard‘ were Wilde’s words.

Hopefully this Don’t Worry Darling may have been worth all these efforts! Speaking of the experience on the set, meanwhile, Olivia Wilde has strongly denied the rumors about friction with Florence Pugh during filming.

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