Actor Dante Devil May Cry Shot 6 Times During Shooting!

Dante’s actor from the Devil May Cry game has just been shot six times in Guatemala while filming. Fortunately, the actor survived. Is he real?

Reporting from, the film is a documentary entitled Vision of the Ages with Reuben Langdon, the voice and movement behind Dante, as one of the stars. The incident took place in the middle of the documentary shooting.

While in the car, the shooter came to the vehicle and forced to open the door to the passenger section.

React quickly, they immediately squeeze the car and immediately run away. However, the perpetrator also had time to fire six bullets into the car. Fortunately, there were no casualties who fell in the incident shooting this Vision of the Ages.

It was only when they arrived in a safe area, Steve Copeland told the chronology of the incident in the video uploaded to his Facebook account. You can watch the confession in English below:

“He pulled the door to this part and tried to catch Reuben … (no answer from behind the camera), because he shot right away when we ran away … So, (we) survived at least six shots,” he confessed in the video.

Meanwhile, Reuben himself whipped through his personal Twitter account after the incident, “Luckily I drink my anti-bullet coffee this morning!” While showing off one of the bullets lodged in the door of the car.

While the shooters have not yet been caught, keep in mind that Guatemala is one of the highest crime areas in the western hemisphere. In addition, Devil May Cry 5 is scheduled for release on March 8 on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

Do you think this Dante actor from Devil May Cry has supernatural powers or cheats the Matrix world? Share your opinion through the comments column below.


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