Actor Dominic West caught having an affair with actress Lily James. He published photos with his wife

Dominic West and Lily James were to get to know each other better while filming the BBC series “The Pursuit Of Love”. The acting couple were photographed during a meeting in Rome; they did not realize that they were being watched by the paparazzi.

West, 50, is married to film producer Catherine Fitzgerald. The couple got married in 2010 and they have three children. West also has a daughter from a previous relationship with Polly Astor. Fitzgerald’s reaction surprised many – a few days after the photos of West and James appeared on the web, the spouses published joint photos. They also released a statement to the press: “Our marriage is strong, we are still together.”

Many followers have pointed out that West acts very much like one of his characters, Noah Solloway on “The Affair”. Solloway has an affair with a younger woman (Westa and James are 19 years away) and decides to leave his wife and four children. Will the actor do the same in his life? We can only guess.

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