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In the Chanel Connects podcast, the British actress confessed that she did not intend to appear naked in front of the camera if there was a man behind her. “I feel very uncomfortable trying to fit in with the male point of view,” she said.

Keira Knightley, known for films such as “Anna Karenina”, “Pride and Prejudice” and “This Is Love”, since 2015, when she became a mother for the first time, reported that a clause was added to her film contracts, under which can refuse nudity. Now in the Chanel Connects podcast, she announced that she would not be appearing in stripped-down scenes if they were directed by men. – I refuse when there is a man behind the camera – confessed the British actress. – Part of it is vanity and part of it is a male narrative in these films. I feel very uncomfortable trying to fit into the male point of view.

Knighley emphasized that the decision was influenced by motherhood, and there are many sexy actresses on the movie market who have no problem undressing in front of the camera. She added that she would love to participate in a project directed by another woman that would focus on female experiences. – I would undress gif I were making a movie about motherhood and how your supposed body suddenly changes. The story would have to be told by a director who would understand it – she said in the podcast.

Commenting on Knightley’s words, the BBC pointed out that in recent years, especially since the rise of the #MeToo movement, the issue of actors and actors in disassembled scenes has been taken very seriously. Many productions employ intimacy coordinators who “oversee the erotic scenes and give actors comfort and respect while filming.”

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