Actresses of one role: Jane Seymour, Shannen Doherty, Jennifer Aniston

Actresses known for one role

“Doctor Quinn”, “Friends” or “Beverly Hills, 90210” are series that brought the actors great popularity. Jane Saymour will always be remembered by the famous doctor Michael Quinn, Jennifer Anioston will be Rachel Green, and Shannen Doherty – Brenda Walsh. Although all three actresses have starred in many other productions, they still do the label of their most famous roles stuck to them for good.

– Jane Saymour is over 70 today. I emphasize it for a reason, because it still looks fantastic. I don’t know if you know that she has Polish roots. Her grandfather came from Płock. The role in “Doctor Quinn” won the sympathy of fans – said Sandra Hajduk-Popińska on Dzień Dobry TVN.

In turn, Jennifer Aniston made a sensation with the role of Rachel Green in “Friends”. Her fans were crazy about the series’ heroine and tried to look like her. – There was a time when women shaved “on Rachel”, it was “Rachel’s cut”. They went to the hairdresser, and that’s what they did for themselves. It is true that Jennifer is not only an actress for this one role, but fthe act is that she gave her international fame – emphasized Sandra.

Shannen Doherty on dying.

Shannen Doherty in “Beverly Hills 90210”

Shannen Doherty, who plays the role of Brenda, had to face her fame after the series. She wasn’t the most liked character.

– There were anecdotes that letters were sent to the production that said to get rid of her from the cast, because she was an obstacle to the love of Kelly and Dylan – admitted Sandra Hajduk-Popińska.

– Actresses of one role are also those who starred in “James Bond”. Usually it was a shining star that faded quickly – added Dorota Wellman.

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