Adam Małysz’s daughter enjoys the Mexican sun on vacation! Posing in a bikini

Karolina Małysz-Czyż, if she only wanted to, could be a first-league celebrity. Thanks to the famous dad, the media has a keen interest in her private life. The 24-year-old is consistently silent and does not reveal many details.

Even when her mother, Iza, participated in the 12th edition of “Dancing with the Stars”, Karolina reluctantly talked in front of the cameras about the wedding that was to take place at that time.

The girl wanted to marry her beloved Kamil in peace, but the ceremony fell at the time of the greatest interest in the Małysz family. The ceremony, however, took place as planned. Adam Małysz organized a highlander wedding for his daughter.

Karolina is followed on Instagram by almost 25,000 users. This is quite a number for a person who wants nothing to do with the world of show business.

So the daughter of a ski jumper decided to enchant her observers with beautiful frames from an exotic journey. In one of the photos, Karolina even posed in a bikini!

“Beautiful photos”, “Beautiful Lady. Great back”, “Amazing photo” – commented Internet users.

And how do you like Karolina in the summer edition?

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