Adam Sandler and the Safdies together again after Uncut Gems

The team reunites for a new collaboration

The Safdie brothers and Adam Sandler they were apparently an odd couple for Uncut Gems (Rough Diamonds), but the result was one of the most popular films of 2019. And now it looks like the three are collaborating on another project. IndieWire reports: “Adam Sandler and the Safdies are already preparing another project”. The reporter did not add any other details, so for the moment the news on the mysterious project seems to be top secret.

The Safdies are currently working with Nathan Fielder on a spooky comedy for Showtime called The Curseplayed by Emma Stone. The series, whose episodes will last about 30 minutes, will try to mix different genres and will tell about an alleged curse that hovers over a married couple, while they are trying to have a child.

Adam Sandler and the Safdie brothers together again after Rough Diamonds

Benny and Josh Safdie on several occasions have expressed their esteem for Adam Sandler, confessing that she had dreamed of working with him since the 90s, the era of Billy Madison and Happy Gilmore. Directors have been sending him letters and messages since 2011, anticipating the idea for him Raw diamonds, but for a long time the famous actor did not answer. Furthermore, if confirmed, that between Adam Sandler and Safdie will be the third collaboration after the aforementioned Rough diamonds And Goldman v Silvermanshort film made in his spare time from the set of the film.

The 2019 hit, Raw Diamonds, now available on Netflix, sees charismatic jeweler Howard Ratner making a bet that could make him a big fortune. Man must be able to reconcile business, family and his opponents in a game of precarious balances that could cost him dearly. The film won three Independent Spirit Award for best direction and performance, and a New York Film Critics Circle Award.

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