Aesthetic medicine, boom of millennials requiring facial treatments

“The use of botulinum toxin in these ten years has increased enormously and has involved groups of patients that we would never have expected. Recently the phenomenon of very young people who intend to perform the treatment with botox has appeared. Millennials are also choosing it for mimic wrinkles and thus prevent aging. This is a wide range ranging from 20 to 42 years: very different people, but among them there are also many young people. A growing phenomenon among them especially in the last 5 years, also studied from the scientific literature. Even from an ethical point of view “. This was explained by Monica Renga, aesthetic doctor on the occasion of the event for the first 10 years of Aiteb, the Italian Association of Botox Aesthetic Therapy.

The new beauty standards

“Young people are very focused on health and on what results in personal fulfillment. They are digital natives – adds Renga – and they quickly reach information. They get an idea of ​​the beauty standards through social media and immediately understand if on their own. face there is something that they believe is not working and that can be improved. According to some American statistics, the most requested treatments are with botulinum toxin, then fillers (volumizing) and then those of skin quality. They are chosen in particular treatments for wrinkles, the upper third, between the eyebrows, crow’s feet and the lower part of the face “.

“Our task is to educate these young patients also towards naturalness and beauty – concludes the doctor – that leaves room for the mimicry of the muscles, shows emotions, joy and a true smile. We educate millennials to perform the treatment if they want it but always advising, personalizing according to age and anatomical characteristics “.

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