Africa has only five countries that have no cases of the coronavirus – an International

Five african countries form part of the short list of States in which there were no recorded cases of the new coronavirus.

Some of these countries and they attribute this fact to God or to the isolation of the air, while others point to the lack of records, it may be due to the lack of a test to detect the disease.

Burundi, which is raised to the grace of god, he announced the first two cases on Tuesday.

– African

The doctor Abdou-Ada believes that it is the mass treatment against the malaria, had left the archipelago, except for the Covid-19. “It’s a personal belief, it must be scientifically confirmed,” he said.

– Kenya

In the realm of slightly more than 2 million people, joined yesterday in a feedlot for a 25-day, although it does not record any transmission, only eight suspected cases. Up until last week, I had neither the tests, nor the center of the probe, but he got the first kits, provided by the multi-million dollar chinese-Jack Ma.

– In malawi

The country has asked those who come from the outside, and put it in quarantine, which, according to the doctor, Linda Maleuezi, it has helped people to protect themselves. “We have to test it, and bring it,” he said, the Ministry of Health.

According to Linda, though, the country may not be “100% ready”, and is preparing for the arrival of the virus.

– Sao Tome and Principe

The islands did not record any case, because it is not in a position to do the testing, said the representative of the World Health Organization (WHO) in that country, and Anne’s Finances. “But we went on with our preparations.”

With only a four-bed unit for a population of 200 million inhabitants, the country has shut its borders, in spite of the importance of tourism to the economy.

– South sudan

The doctor Angok Gordon Kuol, one of the leaders of the Ministry of Health in the fight against the coronavirus, he said that the country has not registered a case because it does not have a “high-density air traffic”.

But in the Sudan, to the South, where schools have been closed, banned, if the agglomerations and all the flights have been put on hold – home to many of the aid workers as foreigners, and it is not in a position to completely close its borders, despite being surrounded by nations that are affected.

In one of the poorest countries in the world, which is struggling to get out of a civil war, which started in 2013, it is only possible to test a maximum of 500 people, says Kuol.

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